Why Model Approval Certificates are Essential for Your Business

Why Model Approval Certificates are Essential for Your Business

Model Approval CertificatesIf you are manufacturing or importing products that are used for measurement, then be prepared for the Legal Metrology Act, of 2009. This law aims to ensure justice and protect the interests of consumers by standardizing a system of weights and measurements. One key step to compliance is getting a Model Approval Certificate (MAC) from the Legal Metrology Department.

But what exactly is a MAC, and why is it so vital for your business? Let’s break it down. 

What is a Model Approval Certificate?

A Model Approval Certificate is an official document issued by the Legal Metrology Department under the Government of India. It signifies that a particular model of weight or measure has been properly tested and evaluated before meeting up with the strict standards given by the Legal Metrology Act of 2009. This is a confirmation stamp that the product is trustworthy and maintains compliance with the Indian legal metrology framework.


Why Model Approval Certificates Are Crucial for Your Business

There are numerous advantages to getting this type of certification:

  • checklist Legal Compliance: As per section 22(1) under the Legal Metrological Act 2009, it is mandatory to obtain MAC. Failure to do so will lead to penalties like fines, and imprisonment. In addition, this enables your business to conform to regulations.

checklist Consumer Protection: These certificates protect consumers against misuse and unfairness in trade involving false measurements. 

  • checklist Building Trust and Credibility: This certificate facilitate trust in your brand since it serves as a quality assurance seal on your products. You can gain customer confidence and establish strong relationships with them through this certificate.
  • checklist Market Access: Companies prefer dealing with suppliers who have obtained measurement certificates because they feel more secure when consulting them regarding their issues.
  • checklist Preventing Legal Disputes: It is proof that the product complies with the rules and regulations. Plus, it reduces the chances of legal battles caused by wrong measures or lack of conformity.

Who Needs Model Approval Certificates?

In general, any person or entity manufacturing or importing weights and measures within the Indian market must obtain MAC. This comprises of:

  • checklist Manufacturers: These are companies involved in the production of weights and measures including weighing scales, measuring tapes and volumetric measures.

checklist Importers: These are traders who import weighing instruments from foreign countries into India.

Types of Model Approval Certificates

There are two major types of model approval certificates:

  • checklist Model Approval Certificate (For Manufacturers): This gives assurance to manufacturers based in India that their processes of making weight and measure products meet Indian legal metrology norms.
  • checklist Model Approval Certificate (For Importer): This confirms that entities bringing various weights and measuring instruments into India have complied with Indian standards to make these goods usable.

Steps to Get Model Approval Certificate 

The process of obtaining a certificate involves several steps:


  • Application: The application is made by either the manufacturer or an importer to the Legal Metrology Department, which includes necessary papers and fees.

Document Verification: Some documents that must be verified by the department such as:


checklist Certificate of incorporation

checklist Duly filled application form

checklist Schematic diagram of the weight or measure

checklist Details to be displayed on the product

checklist Receipt of fees

checklist Photograph of the model

checklist Other relevant business licenses

checklist Two passport-sized photographs of the applicant

checklist Description of the sealing provisions of the product

checklist Declaration of no changes for imported products


  • Product Testing: The Legal Metrology Department conducts tests on manufacturers’ sample products to ensure they meet required standards. Importers may also need to submit samples for testing.


  • Evaluation: The test results and other documents submitted will be assessed by the department to establish whether the product’s model complies with legal metrology requirements.

Certificate Issuance: When all assessments have been passed by a product, a Model Approval Certificate will then be issued to its owner.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to obtain the Certificate or using non-compliant weights and measures can have severe consequences:

  • checklist Fines: A fine of up to ₹20,000 can be imposed on offenders during the first instance.
  • Imprisonment: Second-time offences or serious cases might result in imprisonment that lasts for a maximum of one year.
  • checklist Confiscation of Goods: Weights and measures contravening these laws can be seized and forfeited by enforcement officers.
  • checklist Business Disruption: Prosecution actions and fines may disrupt business activities while at the same time tarnishing the company’s image among other stakeholders.



Model Approval Certificates are important for businesses engaged in manufacturing or importing weights and measures in India. They not only ensure that you comply with the law but also safeguard consumers, build trust and provide opportunities in new markets. Through the knowledge of these certificates’ significance and strict adherence to the application process, firms can protect their operations while supporting fair trade practices in the Indian market. Agile Regulatory can help you get your Model Certificate in no time. Get in touch with us today for expert help! 


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