Overview of BIS Hallmark Registration

Gold and silver jewellery hold significant cultural importance in Indian society. Beyond being mere accessories, jewellery and valuable items crafted from precious metals are viewed as more than adornments – they are also considered secure investments for uncertain times. However, with the growing instances of precious metal adulteration, it becomes the duty of the government to establish guidelines to guarantee their purity and quality, and to oversee adherence to these standards by specific entities.
With this aim, the Government of India, under the oversight of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), introduced the Hallmarking scheme for Gold (in 2000) and silver (in 2005). Under this scheme, the sale or manufacturing of gold/silver jewellery necessitates BIS Hallmark Registration in India.
Ascertaining the purity of gold through visual inspection alone is impractical without a professional assessment or distinctive mark. This is where BIS Hallmark Registration plays a vital role by providing comprehensive information and evidence of gold's purity, thereby addressing these concerns. Moreover, BIS is responsible for overseeing inspection, testing conducted at BIS-approved testing and hallmarking facilities, and the issuance of hallmark registration certificates.

Meaning of Hallmark & Purpose

Hallmarking can be described as the procedure of evaluating and certifying the purity of valuable metal items, like gold and silver, in accordance with specific standards established by a regulatory authority. This process entails assaying or examining the metal's content and level of purity, followed by the application of a hallmark or stamp denoting the appropriate mark as an assurance of its standardized quality and purity. Therefore, the Hallmark registration certificate for valuable articles serves as a guarantee for genuine and superior-quality precious metal items that have been manufactured and assessed using standardized procedures. As a result, the objectives of hallmarking precious metals encompass:
Agile Regulatory Checklist Prevention of fraudulent practices and imitation in the market.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Verification of the calibre and purity of items crafted from valuable metals.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Establishing credibility and global recognition as a symbol of excellence and purity.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Ensuring the quality and purity of gold and silver products.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Facilitates better resale value and serves as an excellent investment opportunity for consumers.

What are the various types of Hallmarking symbols?

BIS Mark/Logo: BIS mark also referred to as the logo, indicates that the purity of the metal has been verified and that the ornament has undergone a comprehensive assessment by an independent evaluator. In most cases, validation is performed by one of the BIS-approved laboratories. The sole government-authorized entity for gold ornament Hallmarking is the Bureau of Indian Standards.
Purity Grade: The purity of gold is determined by two methods: the fineness number and the abbreviation KT for karats. The highest and purest gold grade is 24KT, yet it's too soft for practical jewellery use. Consequently, other metals like silver or zinc are blended with gold in smaller amounts to create sturdy jewellery or accessories.
Hallmarking Centre Mark: This is the hallmarking license of the third-party assessor or marking centre. Each product features a stamped label that indicates it has been checked for gold and silver purity at the centre. This process allows for potential discrepancies to be identified and addressed if found later.
Jeweller Mark: This mark represents the manufacturer's or jeweller's identification of the metal item. Every ornament from a BIS-certified jeweller bears a distinct artisan BIS Hallmark Logo. These characteristics are displayed on the jewellery piece, and authenticity can be.
Year of Stamping: This signifies the year when the item underwent hallmarking or marking. A coded letter provided by BIS designates the marking year. For instance, the letters A and B represented the years 2000 and 2001, respectively.

New Scheme in Gold Hallmarking

In 2019, the Government of India mandated the hallmarking of jewellery and artefacts crafted from gold and silver. In alignment with Regulation 5 of the BIS (Hallmarking) Regulations, 2018, exclusively precious gold items bearing the Hallmark are allowed to be sold by registered jewellers through authorized retail outlets, provided they adhere to the terms and conditions of the Hallmark Registration Certificate. Moreover, each marked item must carry a Unique Identification Number along with a BIS Hallmark and the metal's purity indication. The state or region, coupled with the IS Number, can be used to access the roster of authorized jewellers.

Types of BIS Hallmark Registrations

Jewellery Store or Showroom BIS Registration:

Prior to commencing their operations, jewellery manufacturers and sellers must secure BIS Hallmarking Registration. Under the Hallmarking Scheme, BIS is authorized to issue Hallmarking Registration to jewellers for specific areas. Before offering gold jewellery with the BIS hallmark for sale, each jeweller needs to obtain Hallmark Certificate/License from BIS for every sales outlet. Jewels owned by BIS-certified jewellers can be hallmarked at BIS Testing & Hallmarking Centres.

BIS Recognition of Assaying and Hallmarking Centres:

A Hallmarking Centre is a BIS-accredited facility that acts as a marking centre or third-party assessment facility. Here, the purity of precious metals is verified and stamped. Such centres can apply for BIS accreditation through the BIS MANAK portal.

Applicability of Hallmark Registration

Jewellers intending to trade gold jewellery must initially acquire a hallmark license through BIS Hallmark registration for each location where they engage in the production, sale, or offer of gold/silver items. Jewellers who have previously obtained BIS certification have the option to get their gold/silver jewellery authenticated at BIS Testing and Hallmarking Centers. The evaluation of gold purity is conducted at BIS Assaying and Hallmarking Centers, which serve as assessment facilities.

However, certain conditions render individuals ineligible for submitting an application:

If a jeweller’s hallmark registration has been revoked in compliance with sub-regulation 1(e) of Regulation 7 of the BIS (Hallmarking) Regulations, 2018, that jeweller cannot apply for a new one until a cooling-off period of one year has passed since the issuance of such an order.

A jeweller found guilty in accordance with the provisions of the Act is barred from seeking registration for one year starting from the conviction date. The BIS authority retains the right to annul the registration of any individual or business entity attempting to pursue online registration through the MANAK portal if they are rendered ineligible to apply for Hallmark registration in India due to the aforementioned reasons.

Benefits of Hallmark Registration

Ensure Unwavering Quality Standards: 

BIS employs a comprehensive approach to ensure regulatory adherence among all manufacturers. Entities with BIS Registration are required to follow a designated standard during their item manufacturing process. Surprise visits by BIS inspection personnel to the manufacturing sites are conducted. This practice enables BIS to closely monitor the compliance of production sites with regulations and the quality of their products.

Assures the Genuineness of the product:

While a product lacking a quality certification might vanish from the market abruptly, it can't gain genuine respect or confidence from customers. Products without certification have a higher chance of underperforming and presenting health hazards. Regrettably, most consumers are oblivious to these facts. On the other hand, BIS-certified products, ensuring exceptional performance and unparalleled reliability, have maintained an impeccable track record in this aspect.

Offers Legal Safeguard against counterfeit products:

Offers rightful legal safeguard for buyers of counterfeit products. Similarly, enterprises dealing in Hallmarked gold and silver also enjoy protection from unsubstantiated allegations as manufacturers and sellers.

Means of sustainable business growth:

Retailers establish the foundation for continuing business success when they sell hallmarked jewellery.

Documents for Hallmark Registration

Agile Regulatory Checklist Proof of incorporation or registration of the business entity (Certificate of Incorporation for company/Registered Partnership Deed (if the applicant is a partnership firm) or CA Certificate (if the applicant is a Proprietorship Firm).
Agile Regulatory Checklist Proof of registered business address through Rent Agreement with last rent receipt/ Sale or Lease Deed Agreement/ GST Registration Certificate/ IT Assessment Order/ Property Tax receipts, etc.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Proof of identification of the authorized legal representative (Copy of Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/Passport/Driving License /Voter ID or any similar Photo ID card issued by Gazetted Officer on official Letterhead.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Copy of the GST Returns from the preceding Financial Year, that serves as verification of annual turnover. However, in the case of a recently established business organization, an affirmation from the company, along with an estimate of the business turnover and an assurance to submit GST returns, shall be submitted.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Electricity Bill/Water Bill/Landline Bill/Telephone Bill
Agile Regulatory Checklist Layout plant of the business premises
Agile Regulatory Checklist Photographs of Showroom in JPG/PNG format
Agile Regulatory Checklist Google map location of the business premises 
Agile Regulatory Checklist Copy of trademark registration certificate
Agile Regulatory Checklist Copy of SPCB Consent (CTE/CTO)
Agile Regulatory Checklist Copy of Fire NOC & Factory License

Registration Process for Hallmark

Step 1: Create a login ID along with the password:

To get login credentials, applicants need to go to the MANAK portal online https://www.manakonline.in/ and click Signup. Fill in basic information such as name, email ID, date of birth, nationality, and phone number to register themselves on the BIS MANAK portal.

Step 2: Re-login and fill details:

Once you log in, then go to the home page, go to My Approvals and select Central Approvals from the Menu. Click Jeweller Registration for Sale of Hallmarked Jewellery/Artefacts and click Add to My Approvals.

Step 3: Complete and submit the application:

Select the application and complete the form by entering all the necessary information. Once completed, upload the relevant papers in PDF format. The successful submission will be acknowledged with a display.

Step 4: Application Verification:

A BIS inspector will conduct an initial examination at the factory before testing samples of the product.  After the inspection, the examining officer will monitor the factory to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

Step 5: Grant of a Registration Certificate:

Following the necessary evaluation procedure, a comprehensive report is generated. Once a BIS inspector is fully satisfied with the results of the inspection, the applicant will receive a Hallmark Registration Certificate through email.

Compliances post acquiring Hallmark Registration

Agile Regulatory Checklist Upon obtaining a BIS manak online hallmarking certificate, adhere to the following guidelines.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Generate GST invoices separately for each individual jewellery piece that is sold.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Registered vendors must exclusively offer items that precisely correspond to the indicated carat value.
Agile Regulatory Checklist Every individual item should display the carat weight, and each gem should exhibit the original hallmark.
Agile Regulatory Checklist In the event of a change in the premises' address, the property owner is required to inform the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) by completing a change of address form.
Agile Regulatory Checklist The proprietor must clearly indicate the weight, carat value, and hallmarking details on the invoices provided to customers.

Role of Agile Regulatory

Obtaining the BIS Hallmark registration Online could be a bit challenging due to the number of paperwork required and the processes involved. However, with the right amount of guidance, you could easily acquire BIS registration within the prescribed time. Agile Regulatory is the best BIS Hallmark Consultant in Delhi, India, we are committed to helping budding entrepreneurs by enabling them to acquire business licenses smoothly and carry on their business. We assist in getting various types of registrations and licenses, including EPR Registration, Drug License, FSSAI License in India, PSARA License, LMPC Registration, CDSCO Registration, RNI Registration, ISO Certification and WPC Certificate.


BIS Hallmarking in India encompasses only two precious metals, namely silver and gold. For platinum, India presently provides a voluntary hallmarking service.

The oversight of the hallmarking scheme in India is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This agency is responsible for defining hallmarking standards, conducting assessments on precious metals, and officially certifying the hallmarking process for various metals.

The BIS Hallmark license in India can be revoked if a registered jeweller is discovered to violate Hallmark rules and regulations. These violations might include retaining fake hallmarks, providing inaccurate information, or failing to meet the prescribed standards for purity and quality.

The BIS certification it bestows is valid for a duration of two years. If no modifications have been made to the relevant products or the necessary standards, enterprises have the option to extend their BIS certification. The renewed BIS certification will remain valid for a minimum of one year and can extend up to a total of five years.

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