Overview of CDSCO Online

Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India is in charge of regulating and registering medicines, medical equipment, cosmetics, and diagnostics under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, of 1940. With an eye on the regularity of the enforcement of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, the CDSCO established criteria for drugs, control over the quality of drugs imported, coordination of the activities of the State Drug Control Organization, and facilitation of expert assistance. Any organization that produces, imports, exports, or imports cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, conducts research and development on pharmaceuticals, imports pharmaceuticals for analysis, or conducts BE (bioequivalence) and BA (bioavailability) studies on pharmaceuticals for export must obtain CDSCO registration through its online registration portal.

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Introduction of CDSCO Registration

Main regulatory body in India for medications and medical devices is the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). Under the Department of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Directorate General of Health Services, CDSCO is made for licensing new pharmaceuticals and managing clinical trials in compliance with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.

In order to protect patients' rights, safety, and well-being, CDSCO is essential in regulating matters pertaining to drugs and cosmetic applications. Additionally, it oversees the effectiveness and calibre of medical devices produced, imported, and supplied domestically.

Both Central and State Regulators are assigned distinct responsibilities for regulating pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in India under the Act and Rules.

Major Role of CDSCO

As the Central Drug Authority, CDSCO carries out the duties outlined in the Act and assigns to the Central Government. It works with State Drug Control Organizations and offers them professional advice. The licensing of some specialized categories of important pharmaceuticals, including vaccines, blood products, IV fluids, and sera, is a joint duty of CDSCO and state regulators.

Any company engaged in the import, manufacture, or export of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, in drug-related R&D, in the import of pharmaceuticals for testing, or in the bioavailability (BA) and bioequivalence (BE) studies of pharmaceuticals for export must register with CDSCO through its registration portal. The registration procedure for medications, cosmetics, medical equipment, etc. is made simpler via the online CDSCO registration site. CDSCO registration necessitates a deep comprehension of the procedure.

A product with a CDSCO Certificate has undergone rigorous testing, complied with all regulations, and had its construction, composition, and packaging carefully examined. This guarantees that no shortcuts or risks are taken. The CDSCO license and certificate registration serve as evidence of legal compliance.

Who can apply for a CDSCO License?

The following applicants can register on the CDSCO online portal:

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Agile Checklist Manufacturer

Agile Checklist Importers

Agile Checklist Indian Agents

Agile Checklist Foreign Manufacturer holding Indian Subsidiary

Agile Checklist Corporates

Types of CDSCO Registration in India

Some of the most common forms of CDSCO registrations in India are listed below:

Medical Device Manufacturer Registration

Under CDSCO, every individual or company wishing to produce medical devices in India must first register their products. Depending on the medical device's risk assessment, the CDSCO registration will be granted. There are four classes of medical devices:

 Class A: Low-risk medical equipment, such as thermometers and sphygmomanometer.

 Class B: Low- to medium-risk medical instruments, such as needles and suction cannulas.


 Class C: Medium-to high-risk medical equipment, such as ventilators and joint implants.

 Class D: High-risk medical equipment, such as pacemakers and heart valves

Medical Device Import License

A medical device import license is necessary for anybody wishing to bring notified medical devices into India. This individual must designate an authorized agent in India and provide the required approval certifications, such as FDA approval, ISO or EN certification, CE certification, and so on.

In-Vitro Diagnostic Device Manufacturing License

An individual must get an in-vitro diagnostic device manufacturing license in India in order to manufacture in-vitro diagnostic medical equipment. Reagents, kits, tools, and systems utilized for illness and condition diagnosis are essentially considered in-vitro devices. It also covers tools for assessing an individual's health in order to treat, prevent, or cure any illness or its aftereffects.

License for the Import of In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices

An import license is required if someone wants to bring an in-vitro diagnostic device into India. The online CDSCO Sugam portal is where the application for the purpose of importing the in-vitro diagnostic instruments may be filed.

Cosmetics Import License

A cosmetics import license under CDSCO is required in order to import a cosmetics license. Any liquid or material that may be poured, scrubbed, sprayed on, or applied to the human body in order to cleanse, beautify, or change appearance is essentially considered cosmetic. Any item that is a component of the cosmetic goods is also included.

Licensing authorities for online CDSCO Registration

The online CDSCO registration is granted by two licensing agencies that are mentioned below:

State Licensing Authority (SLA): SLA is in charge of providing the CDSCO with manufacture or wholesale licenses for IVDs and Class A and B medical devices.

Central Licensing Authorities (CLA): CDSCO manufacture or wholesale licenses for IVDs and medical devices classified as Class C and D are issued by the CLA. Additionally, it is in charge of granting import permits for cosmetics into India.

Documents Required for CDSCO Registration

Following are the documents required for online CDSCO registration:

 ID and proof of the address of  the applicant

 Certificate of Incorporation, partnership deed

 Copy of a valid GST Registration Certificate


 Address proof of the registered business

 Layout Plan of the premises

 Proof of Property/Ownership

 Covering Letter


 Power of Attorney

 Copy of valid wholesale license

 Copy of Free Sale Certificate/Marketing Authorization

 A Copy of the inspection or audit report of the last 3 years

 Copy of Certificate supporting QMS (ISO: 13485)

 A CE-type examination/product quality assurance Certificate

 CE Design Certificate

 Plant Master file from the Manufacturer

 Device Master file from the Manufacturer

 Label and IFU

 Device Design and Manufacturing process flow chart 

 Essential Principles Checklist

 Risk analysis and control summary

 Verification and validation of the design of the medical device

 Biocompatibility validation data

 Biological Safety (TSE/BSE)

 Sterilization Validation data 

 Animal studies Preclinical data

 Stability validation data

 Clinical evidence

 Post Marketing Surveillance data

 Batch Release Certificates or Certificates of Analysis   

 Cosmetics Import Registration application form

 Original or a copy of the Label

 Marketing Authorization letter

 List of ingredients along with percentage

 Non-animal harm testing declaration

 Product specification and testing protocol

 Countries list where Authorization of Market or permission to import granted

 Pack inserts, if any

 Specific description for the brands, products and manufacturer

Benifits of CDSCO Registration

The following are some of the several elements that make CDSCO Portal Registration more beneficial by simplifying their tasks:

Regulatory Processes Simplified

A more simplified and effective regulatory approval procedure is produced by the CDSCO portal, which makes it easier to submit and process a variety of regulatory applications online.

Quicker Approvals

Applications for new medicine approvals, import permits, production licenses, and other permissions may be processed more quickly with an online portal.

Safety and Quality Assurance

The CDSCO registration guarantees the medical equipment and goods' safety and quality for the benefit of the customer's interest and protection.


The CDSCO portal provides a consolidated platform for stakeholders to submit, track, and monitor their applications with the goal of improving transparency in regulatory operations. Furthermore, increased transparency might promote better industry-regulatory authority interactions.

Provides Access to the Global Market

It enables you to import items and innovations from the global market and distribute them to Indian markets.

Process of CDSCO online Registration

cdsco online registration process

Step 1: Click the "Login or Sign Up" option after opening the CDSCO registration portal.

Step 2: After that, select "Sign Up Here" to begin the registration process. Click the Submit button after choosing "Registration Purpose" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: This opens the "Applicant Registration" page, where the user name, email address, mobile number, applicant type, name, and password must be entered. The "ID Proof" and "Undertaking" details will be required. The "Submit" button must be clicked in order to upload the "Registered Indian Address Form," which includes information on the organization name, kind, CIN, address, phone number, and corporate address proof.

Step 4: To confirm the registration, an email with a confirmation link is sent to the registered email address. To activate the account on the CDSCO portal, click the link that was supplied to you in the email.

Step 5: After that, the registration application is forwarded to the CDSCO officials for approval. An email confirming registration is sent to the registered email address if the application is accepted. In case your application is denied, then you will receive a rejection mail on the registered email ID.

Role of Agile Regulatory

In addition to setting drug standards, CDSCO also keeps an eye on the quality of imported medications and cosmetics and works to ensure uniform application of the Act and Rules. The CDSCO registration procedure is necessary in order to get a license to manufacture medical devices. A step in the registration procedure for medical devices is navigating the CDSCO Sugam portal. If you need any assistance in the CDSCO online registration process, then you can contact the experts at Agile Regulatory. The kind of license and product are among the variables that affect the CDSCO registration costs. We will help you through the whole registration process and answer all your queries.


Yes, the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 governs the industry of cosmetics. To register imported cosmetics items with the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO), an application in Form 42 must be submitted. A registration certificate in Form 43 will be issued when the CDSCO registration is accepted.

The validity of a CDSCO registration in India is five years from the date of issuance, after which it must be renewed.

CDSCO grants a Medical Device Import License to guarantee adherence to quality and safety regulations.

Any drug firm operating in more than one state must get a separate drug license for each state in which it operates. Each state requires a location-specific drug license registration. Therefore, with the exception of migratory sellers, a separate application must be filed to each state if the restricted drugs are disseminated or sold in several locations, and a license will be provided for each site.

Post-market surveillance, adverse event reporting, labelling requirements compliance, manufacturing standard conformance, and upholding an efficient quality management system are among the mandatory compliances.

Strict adherence to labelling laws is vital because they include crucial details, such as instructions, warnings, and precautions, for the safe use of products.

Failure to comply with the quality standards may give rise to non-compliance problems, due to which the registration certificate to be cancelled or revoked.

CDSCO stands for Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. It allows the import, manufacture, and distribution of drugs and cosmetics in India, ensuring their safety, efficacy, and quality.

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