Overview of GACC Registration

GACC stands for General Administration of Customs of China. GACC Registration is a mandatory certification process for businesses engaged in the export of food items, spices and related products to China. GACC Registration is a mandatory requirement by Chinese customs authorities to regulate and monitor the import of goods in China. The process of getting a registration of GACC involves obtaining a unique code, which serves as an identification number at the time of customs clearance. Applying for a GACC code is mandatory for smooth and successful customs clearance procedures. ​ Businesses looking to engage in import or export activities in or with China must navigate the GACC registration process to meet regulatory requirements and establish a lawful presence in the Chinese customs system.

Applicability of GACC Registration

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GACC (General Administration of Customs of China) registration is primarily applicable to entities engaged in international trade with China. Therefore, businesses and individuals in India or any other country involved in importing or exporting goods to and from China may need to undergo GACC registration. Here are specific entities in India that may be subject to GACC registration:

 Indian Companies/Exporters: Indian companies involved in export business activities to China are required to apply for GACC registration. It includes businesses across various industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, technology etc.

 Customs Brokers: Indian entities acting as customs brokers, representing importers or exporters in customs-related matters, may also need to register with GACC if they are facilitating trade with China.

 Manufacturers and Producers: Indian businesses engaged in the production or manufacturing of goods intended for export to China or import from China may need GACC registration.

 Logistics and Freight Forwarding Companies: Indian logistics and freight forwarding companies that play a role in the transportation and handling of goods involved in trade with China may be subject to GACC registration.

 Foreign Trade Companies: Indian companies engaged in foreign trade activities, especially those involving China, may need GACC registration to comply with Chinese customs regulations.

Importance of GACC Registration

GACC Registration is mandatory for multiple reasons, Here are some key reasons why GACC registration is compulsory:

 Customs Oversight: GACC registration allows the General Administration of Customs of China to have a comprehensive and centralized oversight of import and export activities.

 Security and Control: By assigning a unique GACC code to each registered entity, Chinese customs authorities enhance the security and traceability of the supply chain.

 Tariff and Taxation Management: GACC registration is essential for managing tariffs and taxation related to international trade.

 Accurate Assessment:  The unique code assigned during registration is used for proper tariff classification, enabling accurate assessment of customs duties and taxes on imported or exported goods.

 Regulatory Compliance: GACC registration ensures that businesses comply with the regulatory requirements of the Chinese customs system.

 Facilitation of Customs Procedures: Having a GACC code streamlines customs procedures for registered entities.

Trade Figure and Monitoring: It helps in maintaining accurate trade statistics by capturing data on imports and exports.

Documents Required for GACC

 Business registration certificate

 Tax registration certificate

 Customs registration form

 Organization code certificate

 Power of attorney (if using an agent)

 Other relevant documents specific to your business and industry

Registration Process of GACC

gacc registration process

Step 1: Determine Eligibility: 

Ensure that your business is eligible for GACC registration. Typically, Businesses involved in export activities to China, including, exporters, customs brokers, and other entities in the supply chain, need to apply for GACC registration.

Step 2: Complete the GACC Registration Form: 

Obtain the applicable form from the official website or the local customs office. draft the form accurately, and provide mandatory information about business activities, and other details.

Step 3: Submit the Application: 

Submit the application along with the necessary supporting documents to the GACC portal.

Step 4: Verification and Approval: 

Chinese customs authorities will review your application and supporting documents.  Once satisfied, they will issue the GACC Registration Certificate.

Step 5: Receive GACC Code: 

Upon approval, you will be assigned a unique GACC code. It serves as an identification number for customs clearance purposes.

Step 6: Maintain Compliance: 

After obtaining the GACC Registration Certificate, ensure ongoing compliance with Chinese customs regulations. Keep your registration information updated and respond promptly to any requests for additional information from customs authorities.

Major Products for GACC Exporter Registration

Meat Aquatic Products Dairy Products
Bird Nest Products Egg Products Pelagic Fishery
Grain Products Oil Seeds Vegetable Products
Dry Fruits Bee Products Special Dietary Foods
Sugar Canned Foods Processed Foods
Tea Soft Drinks Drinking Water
Alcoholic Beverage Processed Flavors Plant-Based Food
Pastry Biscuits Cockies
Cigarette Candied Fruits

Benefits of GACC Exporter Registration

Obtaining a GACC (General Administration of Customs of China) Registration Certificate comes with several benefits for businesses involved in international trade with China:

 GACC Registration streamlines the customs clearance process, making it more efficient and reducing delays at border crossings. Having a GACC code allows for smoother interactions with Chinese customs authorities.

 Having a GACC Code shows that a company is following the rules and regulations related to Chinese customs, Which is necessary to maintain legal standing in China and avoid fines or delays in customs clearance.

 GACC code serves as a unique identification number for each registered entity. Which helps in accurately identifying and tracking shipments,

 It is essential for accurate customs duty and tax assessment as well as correct tariff categorization.

Role of Agile Regulatory

Agile Regulatory offers an important role in getting GACC registration by offering a great understanding of China customs legislation. We assist businesses in managing certification problems by implementing our deep knowledge of Chinese customs regulations. Which includes checking the eligibility, completing the document requirements, assisting with the application process, and communicating with customs officials in China. We also offer services and training related to Chinese customs regulations to our clients. We assist our clients to get GACC certificates on time by offering expert and effective support. This helps ensure that businesses can confidently deal with the rule of the Administration of Customs of China.


GACC/General Administration of Customs of China). You need GACC registration for easy trade with China.

To apply for GACC Registration, you'll need some papers like your business registration, tax papers, and other documents depending on what you're trading.

Getting a GACC Registration will take up to 7-10 days. However, It depends on how quickly you get all the needed papers ready and how long China's customs people take to check everything.

A GACC code is like a special ID number for your business. It helps customs people in China know who you are and makes it easier to do things like paying taxes and following the rules.

If you don't get GACC approval, it could cause problems like Your goods might take longer to get through customs, and you might have to pay fines.

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