How to Apply for a Wholesale Retail Drug License?

How to Apply for a Wholesale Retail Drug License?

Wholesale Drug License


India's pharmaceutical industry is growing daily. One of the several kinds of drug licenses available in India is the wholesale drug license. The government is always updating regulations to protect consumer safety and to expedite procedures. Before starting a drug wholesale or retail business in India, the first step is to get a drug license from the appropriate authorities. The process of acquiring a license to produce medications in India is governed by the medications and Cosmetics Act 1940. In order to receive a license from the Food and Drug Safety Administration, an individual has to submit the necessary documents to the State Licensing Authority.


The Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1945, Schedule C, addresses the application and issuance of a wholesale drug license in India. The approval process for general approval is one month long. The Drug Inspector's evaluation and the report you provide to the licensing body are prerequisites for approval. Depending on the kind of company, approval is given differently. For instance, a retail pharmacy needs Forms 20 and 21 (allopathic), but an Ayurvedic pharmacy needs Form 20C.In India, a Wholesale Drug License requires the purchase of Forms 20B and 21B, while Form 20G is needed for medications classified as Schedule X.

What is Wholesale Drug License?

According to the comprehension of the ordinary man In India, a wholesale drug license is a type of government approval to do drug wholesale commerce in a certain market. Wholesale Drug License in India is issued to keep an eye on the businessman's operations so that he or she does not engage in any unlawful activity or endanger public health. The drug industry is growing at a rapid speed every day, as is corruption; so, in order to curb corruption and protect public health The government of India has issued a wholesale drug license to anyone who wish to do drug-related business.

What is Drug Retail License?

Retail Drug Licenses are required for pharmaceutical companies that conduct business as retailers. Retailers are those who buy things in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers. Then they sell it straight to the consumer at more price to earn a profit. They require approval from the appropriate authority in the form of a Retail Drug License to conduct such a transaction. As a result, the authority obtained by shops to conduct pharmaceutical business is referred to as a Retail Drug License.

Documents required to obtain Wholesale or Retail Drug License

The documents required to get a wholesale or retail drug license are mentioned below:

  • mark Memorandum of Association (MOA), Articles of Association (AOA) of a company,
  • mark Partnership deed, and LLP agreement of a partnership or LLP.
  • mark Proof of identity for partner/director/proprietor.
  • mark Copy of the property's ownership documents or rental agreement, as well as the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the owner of the rented premises, where applicable.
  • mark Site plan and key plan for the property.
  • mark Board resolution’s copy that has authorised the business to obtain a drug license.
  • A copy of the challan, as proof of the deposit fee.
  • mark Proof that the storage capacity is available, such as a refrigerator or other cold storage unit.
  • mark Affidavit of non-conviction for the proprietor/partner/director and the firm.
  • mark An affidavit signed by a registered pharmacist or competent person to obtain drug license.
  • mark Cover letter with the applicant's name and designation.
  • mark Declaration form in the approved format.
  • mark Certificate of qualifications for the applicant

mark Documents required by pharmacist for retail license

mark Proof of Qualification

  • mark Registration of the Local Pharmacy Council
  • mark Appointment Letter

mark Documents required by a pharmacist for a wholesale license

  • mark Proof of Qualification
  • mark Experience certificate
  • mark Appointment Letter

Procedure to Obtain Drug License in India

The drug controlling authority or regulatory authority is in charge of issuing drug licenses. The process for acquiring a drug license is as follows:


Visit the website of SDSCO

The applicant must visit the website of the State Drugs Standards Control Organization (SDSCO) to get the wholesale or retail drug license in India.


Filing of application

The applicant must submit the drug license application online through the drug license authority’s website. The applicant must include all of the information requested in the application form.

Upload documents

After completing the application form, the next step is to upload the documents and submit the application form with the appropriate costs. Prior to filing the application, the applicant must maintain all the documents.

Drug Inspectors visit

After receiving the application form, the drug inspector will physically visit the company premises, shop, or pharmacy to verify the documents and the accuracy of the information contained in the application.

Grant of the drug license

Following an examination and verification by the drug inspector, the drugs controller will issue the retail or wholesale drug license for which the applicants has made the application.


Obtaining a wholesale or retail drug license is not simple. The procedure consists of many phases, following which a retail drug license is granted. The responsible authorities conduct proper and stringent verification before approving the issuing of the Retail Drug License. A single error might lead to the license being rejected. As a result, taking expert guidance from Agile Regulatory is recommended.

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