What are the benefits of EPR services for recycling e-waste?

What are the benefits of EPR services for recycling e-waste?

Benefits of EPR services for recycling e-waste

Overview of EPR Services


The EPR Registration Online for E-waste Management ensures that e-waste is treated safely and in accordance with the laws and regulations specified in the rules. EPR Authorisation is a waste management concept that includes electronic trash (e-waste). E-waste management permission is primarily an approval provided by a regulatory body to persons or organizations engaged in the collection, transportation, recycling, and disposal of electronic waste. The primary goal is to encourage manufacturers to create products that promote recycling and correct disposal, limit waste creation, and ensure the safe disposal of hazardous chemicals. E-waste management authorization facilitates e-waste-related operations while also protecting the environment and public health.

Benefits of EPR Authorization in E-Waste

  • Resource Conservation: EPR promotes recycling and the recovery of valuable materials from electronic trash. EPR authorization guarantees that electronic trash is collected, transported, and treated in an ecologically friendly way.
  • Hazardous waste Management: EPR programs facilitate the safe disposal of hazardous materials contained in electronic equipment, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium.
  • Reduces environmental impact: Electronic gadgets often include harmful compounds including lead, cadmium, and mercury. If electronic gadgets are not properly disposed of, the toxins leak into the land and water, contaminating them. This puts ecosystems and human health in danger. Authorized e-waste recycling firms have the skills and equipment to securely dispose of these hazardous items while minimizing the environmental effects of e-waste.
  • Precious metals and rare earth elements are often found in electrical gadgets. Extracting these elements from abandoned electronic gadgets may be resource-intensive and ecologically harmful. Recycling e-waste with an approved recycling firm helps to preserve important natural resources and lowers the need for new mining.
  • Reduce Health Risks: Inadequate e-waste recycling techniques used dangerous ways to recover valuable materials and exposed workers to noxious vapours. Recycling e-waste via approved recyclers that follow safety laws and offer sufficient training to their staff reduces health hazards and creates a safer working environment for workers.


Procedure to get EPR authorization for e-waste

The method for getting (extended producer responsibility) EPR authorization is as follows:

Step 1: Electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers must submit a Form-1 application to the Central Pollution Control Board within 90 days to get EPR authorization.


Step 2: After receiving a complete application, the Central Pollution Control Board will evaluate the EPR Plan and grant EPR Authorization in Form 1(aa) within 120 days if the producer has detailed an effective system to manage EPR, also known as Extended Producer Responsibility.

Step 3: Specify the amount of e-waste material to be collected per product code for the year. The exact aim for collecting e-waste for dismantling or recycling will be determined based on the amount of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market in previous years, product code-wise, and then considering the equipment's typical life.


Step 4: The producer will estimate the amount of e-waste created in the current year and suggest a collection method for the EPR plan. The Central Pollution Control Board is responsible for setting objectives in accordance with Schedule III of the E-waste Management Rules.


Step 5: After providing an applicant with a fair chance to be heard, the Central Pollution Control Board will either deny or give EPR authorization.


Step 6: If the Central Pollution Control Board refuses EPR Authorization, the manufacturer loses the ability to sell any Electrical and Electronic Equipment until the authorization is granted.

Step 7: After granting EPR Authorization, the Central Pollution Control Board shall send the Extended Producer Responsibility Plan to the relevant State Pollution Control Board for monitoring.

The Role of EPR Annual Compliance for E-Waste

EPR for E-Waste plays an important part in keeping our environment nice and clean while also relieving the government of the cost of doing so. Specifically, E-Waste is very detrimental to the environment due to the harm it may bring to human health. It often contains very hazardous chemicals and poisonous compounds that must be disposed of with extreme caution and responsibility. In the absence of doing so, they may be exposed to dirt, water, or air. It may also contaminate crops growing nearby and pollute the water in neighbouring rivers. It may also contaminate the air if discarded in the open or burned, making neighbouring residents ill. Some of the compounds that might cause deadly harm to humans are mercury, lead, and cadmium.

As a result, pollution-controlling organizations must establish tight guidelines for the disposal of such trash, monitor them closely, and penalize offenders who fail to follow the laws.

Scope of EPR Compliance for E-Waste Management


The E-Waste Management Rules 2022 apply to all manufacturers, producers, refurbishers, dismantlers, and recyclers who make, sell, transfer, buy, refurbish, dismantle, recycle, and process electrical, electronic, and solar photovoltaic waste. It establishes guidelines for the collection, transportation, disposal, and general management of e-waste. The regulating organization is the Central Pollution Control Board, which not only sets standards but also registers all producers, manufacturers, recyclers, and refurbishers. Those engaged in such a company must report to CPCB anytime they deal with e-waste and provide thorough information about it. They are also prohibited from being engaged with any unregistered company of this kind.


With an increasing number of electronic gadgets being manufactured, e-waste recycling is more crucial than ever. To get EPR authorization, connect with EPR Registration Consultant Agile Regulatory.

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