Navigating the GACC Registration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Food Exporters to China

Navigating the GACC Registration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Food Exporters to China

GACC Registration for China

Overview of GACC Registration

Any company wishing to import or export products in or out of China must first register with the General Administration of Customs China (GACC). The GACC is in charge of enforcing trade laws, collecting import and export tariffs, and regulating the movement of products. All foreign food producers, processors, and storage facilities that export to China must be registered with the GACC. In accordance with GACC Decree 248 compliance with Chinese import rules requires registration with GACC. This thorough guide will assist you in navigating the registration procedure.

What is GACC Registration?

Foreign manufacturers of food and drink products must register with the General Administration of Customs in China, or GACC, in order to export their goods to China. In order for the Chinese importer to obtain the products after January 1, 2022, the customs officials will require the GACC Registration number.


China food certifications are managed by the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC), China Customs' headquarters. Following the government reorganization of 2018, GACC assumed control of the duties formerly performed by conventional customs, border health inspections, animal import and export quarantines, inspections, and food safety protection.


There are many food certifications required for importing food products in China. While some are required, others are optional. Furthermore, some food items need to be registered with GACC in addition to receiving clearance from SAMR (State Administration for Market Regulation). Which food clearance is necessary or suitable in China also depends on how a product is promoted.


Why GACC Registration is required?

A number of factors make GACC registration required. The following are some of the major requirements:


Customs monitoring: The General Administration of Customs of China is able to have a thorough and centralized monitoring of import and export activity thanks to GACC registration.


Security and Control: Chinese customs officials improve the security and traceability of the supply chain by giving each registered firm a unique GACC code.


Management of Tariffs and Taxes: To effectively handle tariffs and taxes associated with international commerce, GACC registration is necessary.


Precise Determination: The distinct code allotted at the time of registration is employed for appropriate tariff categorization, permitting precise determination of customs levies and taxes on items that are imported or exported.


Regulatory Compliance: Businesses who register with GACC are guaranteed to adhere to the regulations set out by the Chinese customs system.


Facilitation of Customs Procedures: For registered entities, the customs process is streamlined by the possession of a GACC code.


Trade Figure and Monitoring: By gathering information on imports and exports, it aids in the upkeep of precise trade statistics.

Food Products covered under GACC Registration

The following food products are covered under GACC Registration:


  • checklist Meat and meat products
  • checklist Dairy Products
  • checklist Aquatic products and seafood
  • checklist Birds Nest Products
  • checklist Soft drinks and drinking water
  • checklist Sugar and sugar products
  • checklist Finely processed food
  • checklist Processed flavorings of plant origin
  • checklist Other plant-origin food
  • checklist Canned foods
  • checklist Different Alcoholic beverages - Wine and whiskey, etc.
  • checklist Pastry biscuits and crackers
  • checklist Candied (preserved) fruits
  • checklist Different tea
  • checklist Other processed foods
  • checklist Bird nest products
  • checklist Bee products
  • checklist Eggs and egg products
  • checklist Edible oils and fats
  • checklist Oilseeds
  • checklist Stuffed wheaten products
  • checklist Edible grains
  • checklist Crops products (including Soybeans, Corns, Potatoes etc)
  • checklist Milled grain industry products and malt
  • checklist Fresh and dehydrated vegetables
  • checklist Dried beans
  • checklist Condiments
  • checklist Nuts and seed
  • checklist Dried fruits
  • checklist Coffee beans
  • checklist Cocoa beans and its related products (including chocolate)
  • checklist Foods for special dietary purposes
  • checklist Health foods (excluding medicines)

Process of GACC Registration

The process of GACC registration is mentioned below:


Step 1: Gather the Required documents


You must get the following paperwork:


  • checklist Application for enterprise registration.
  • checklist Identity documents of the company, such as business license.
  • checklist A statement verifying that your business complies with Chinese rules.


Step 2: Fill out an online application

The official GACC portal is used for the online application procedure. Applying on your own or through an agent who is experienced with the procedure is advised.

Step 3: Adherence to Food Safety Regulations

Make sure that the GACC Decree 249, which describes the administrative procedures for import and export food safety, is followed by your items.


Step 4: Submission and Review

Following submission, the application is carefully examined by GACC officials. During this phase, accuracy and thorough submission of the paper are crucial.


Step 5: Verification and Inspection

To confirm the accuracy of the information provided, GACC may occasionally carry out verification and inspection processes. During this phase, businesses should be ready to work with GACC authorities, including any further evidence or clarification that may be needed.

Step 6: Get the Registration Number for GACC

Following submission and approval of your application, a GACC registration number will be issued to you. The Chinese labeling of products must bear this number written on it for importing food items.


If you properly prepare the necessary documentation and adhere to the criteria, registering with the GACC is a simple process. By registering, you can make sure that your items are cleared through customs smoothly, which will open the door for profitable commercial activities in China. Agile Regulatory's thorough knowledge of Chinese customs law plays a significant part in facilitating GACC registration. Using our in-depth understanding of Chinese customs laws, we help companies handle certification issues. It includes determining eligibility, fulfilling the documentation needs, supporting the application procedure, and corresponding with Chinese customs officers.

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