What is a WPC import license? How to get a WPC ETA approval in India?

What is a WPC import license? How to get a WPC ETA approval in India?

WPC-ETA License


Wireless and telecommunications equipment can be lawfully imported, marketed, or used within India only if it passes the WPC-ETA (Wireless Planning and Coordination - Equipment Type Approval) regulatory process. The Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is responsible for overseeing the WPC-ETA Approval. This certificate makes sure that the wireless devices meets the Indian rules and standards and the technical requirements of wireless communication.

The WPC-ETA Approval procedure must be completed by manufacturers or importers wishing to sell wireless and telecommunications equipment in India. To make sure that the equipment complies with the precise technical requirements, frequency ranges, and safety standards set out by the WPC, this usually entails extensive testing and assessment.

What is WPC-ETA License?

The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) wing of the Indian government was founded in 1952. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Indian government established the Department of Telecommunications, which includes WPC as a division. The radio spectrum is regulated by the National Radio Regulatory Authority, often known as the WPC. In response to the needs of wireless technology users, the WPC Office offers the WPC License (ETA) for IT and electronic items. Only with WPC's prior approval IT and electrical products that meet human safety standards, like Bluetooth and wireless products can be sold in the Indian market.


An Equipment Type Approval Certificate is one of the Required Documents for a WPC License in order to import, manufacture, or market goods with radio and/or wireless capabilities in India (ETA Certificate). For devices featuring Bluetooth, Wi-Fi access technology, small digital radios (Zigbee), and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), among other technologies, this certificate is required by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Indian government's Ministry of Communications (WPC India).

What is WPC Import License?

All equipment that are imported require a WPC license, with the exception of TVRO systems and broadcast receivers. If the equipment is going to be imported into India, it has to seek an import license even though it has a WPC-ETA approval. For devices using de-licensed frequency bands, a thorough test report from an accredited laboratory must be sent to WPC INDIA for review in order to get a WPC certificate.

Importance of WPC-ETA Approval

WPC-ETA Approval is crucial for companies doing business in India for the following reasons:

Market Access: Selling wireless communication devices and equipment in India is subject to regulatory requirements, including WPC-ETA clearance. Manufacturers may enter into a expanding industry with a high demand for wireless technology by gaining this certification.


Regulation Compliance: WPC-ETA certification guarantees that producers' goods meet the safety and technical requirements established by the Indian government.


Avoid penalties: If wireless equipment is sold without WPC-ETA permission, fines and legal action may follow. By obtaining this certification, manufacturers avoid such upcoming complications.


Global Expansion: WPC-ETA certification is seen by some foreign markets as evidence of the high caliber and standard compliance of your product. This might open doors for your business to expand internationally.

How to get a WPC ETA approval in India?

The process of getting a WPC ETA approval in India is mentioned below:

Step 1: Register on the WPC website

Create an account on the Saral Sanchar website to begin the online procedure. The first step in registering for a WPC certificate is deciding which commodities to import and completing an online process via the Department of Telecommunication. Your import ID will be generated by the system once your online application has been submitted.


Step 2: Apply for ETA

Each commodity you export needs to be tone-declared when you apply for the new ETA. Use your import ID to determine whether your product is eligible for WPC approval.

Step 3: RF Test Reports

To get a license for WPC-ETA approval, a laboratory-conducted radiofrequency (RF) test result is required. In order to verify and validate that the imported ministry meets the necessary safety requirements and frequency range, it is necessary to provide the results of the RF test.


Step 4: Compile necessary documents and submit application

Assemble and submit the required documentation for the WPC ETA License both online and offline, to the Wireless Planning and Coordination Authority. After that, your submitted documents and the application will be forwarded to the WPC authorities for review.

Step 5: Make the necessary government payments

You have to pay the government fees online in order to get the WPC approval. You may use online payment method for this purpose.


Step 6: Grant of WPC ETA Approval

The WPC license for the particular device will be provided by the WPC department after checking the documents and application. After obtaining a WPC license, importers are able to import wireless products with ease into India.


Although obtaining a WPC license might be as easy as submitting a certification of WPC for importers, this process entails a lot of work, including documentation, product testing, and other requirements that make it challenging to understand every component of WPC-ETA approval. With regard to WPC license, registration, and certification, Agile Regulatory can assist you.

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