What Documents are Required for FSSAI License Renewal?

What Documents are Required for FSSAI License Renewal?

FSSAI License RenewalThe Indian food industry is a vibrant sector that plays an important role in the country’s economy. To do so, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) requires all food businesses to be licensed or registered to ensure consumer health and maintain food safety standards. An FSSAI Food License acquisition means adhering to cleanliness and quality principles, thus establishing a trustworthy relationship with your customers. These licenses have an expiry date and demand regular renewal. This article explores the documents required for FSSAI license registration


Understanding FSSAI Registration and Licensing

Small-scale food businesses which generate less than Rs 12 lakh annually are covered by FSSAI License Registration. Hawkers, small retailers, cottage industries etc are examples under this category. On the other hand, FSSAI licenses apply for large-scale enterprises involved in food processing/manufacturing/trading for export purposes. These licenses can also be categorized into state licenses where turnover ranges from Rs 12 lakhs to Rs 20 crore and central licenses for turnovers exceeding Rs 20 crores.

When to Start the FSSAI License Renewal Process

The ideal duration for initiating the process of renewing an existing FSSAI license is 30 days prior to its expiration. This allows ample time for processing by officials. However, the regulations also provide flexibility so you can start it at any time 180 days before its expiry. So you have a wider window period to lodge your application.

Documents Required For Renewing Your FSSAI License

checklist The documents required may slightly vary depending on your situation. Some common documents include.


  • checklist Certificate for Food Safety Management System (FSMS): This document shows that the company has put in place a comprehensive food safety management system.

checklist Nominee Details Update: Update changes in the nominee of the FSSAI license.


  • checklist License Modification Details: Fill in the necessary details if any modifications are necessary for the license details.
  • checklist Supporting Documents: Provide supportive documentation for all requested adjustments on institutional letterheads.

checklist Additional Documents: These may be required by licensing authority based on the specifics of your business and the nature of food operations carried out therein.

FSSAI License Renewal Fee Structure

The amount you pay for renewing an FSSAI license depends on its type as well as, the renewal period you choose to go with.

Sl. No. Details Fee (per Year)
1 FSSAI Manufacturing License

Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 7,500

2 FSSAI Registration Certificate Rs. 100

Modification of License and Certificate

Rs. 1,000 (License)
4 License and Certificate Renewal Same as New License/Registration


FSSAI Renewal Online Procedure

The process of renewing licenses is easier when done through online platforms offered by FSSAI. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the online renewal procedure:

Through Login:

checklist Access FoSCoS Website: Open up the website to visit: https://foscos.fssai.gov.in/ 


  • checklist Login: Place your credentials here and then sign into your FBO account.
  • checklist Navigate to the “Renewal” Section: Find this on the dashboard 


Note: It is vital to remember that only after a lapse of 120 days prior to the expiry date would licenses/registration certificates be eligible for renewal. In case your license has already expired, you will have to create a new application rather than submit for a renewal.

On Form B: Application Details

Upon selecting the application for renewal, you'll be directed to Form B which describes the application details. Here’s what can and cannot be changed in this form:

checklist Premises Details: It’s a non-editable section reflecting your food business registered address.


  • checklist Product Selection: The products indicated in your initial license should not be altered during renewal.
  • checklist Communication Details: Except for reg (registration), other sections under communication details are all editable.
  • checklist Required Documents: In this section, you can upload compulsory documents for the renewal procedure.
  • checklist Payment: The fee will depend on your choice of years for the new license.


Important Considerations:

For renewal, apply 90 days before the expiry and pay only the usual renewal fees.


If the delay exceeds 90 days then a late fee of Rs.100/day is charged along with the normal renewal fee.


After filling out and uploading all necessary documents, go to the payment section online to get your FSSAI License in Delhi. If your payment is confirmed, it will generate a receipt that contains a new 17-digit registration number for a renewed license.



Food businesses in India abide by the FSSAI Food License renewal process to show their devotion to maintaining food safety standards and adhering to regulatory requirements. As an integral element of legal conformity, a renewed license guarantees continuous functioning and establishes goodwill among clients while facilitating the growth of this industry in the market. Bear in mind that timeliness avoids penalties as well as disruptions. Through early initiation before the expiry date or using its easy-to-use online portal, food enterprises can manage the FSSAI License Renewal Process effectively. Contact Agile Regulatory today to get your license today! 

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