Spice Board Registration in India for spice industry - Benefits, Process, Documents, and Validity

Spice Board Registration in India for spice industry - Benefits, Process, Documents, and Validity

Spice Board Registration


Spice Board Registration is a must for the exporters and importers of spices. To obtain the Spice Board Registration or the Certificate of Registration as Exporter of Spices (CRES), the applicant is required to visit the Spice Board office in India. This office is an agent between Indian exporting companies and international importers that promote Indian spices all over the globe. 


Considering the fame of Indian spices, there are plenty of opportunities for profit by entering the export business. The minimal investment requirement is the most significant benefit of starting a spice business. This article discusses Spice Board Registration in India in detail decoding everything from process to validity. 

About Spice Board of India

The Spice Board of India was established in 1987 under the Spice Act 1986. This was due to the merger between the Erstwhile Cardamom Board (1968) and the Spice Export Promotion Council (1960). 


It works under the government of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Its main role is to regulate and promote different kinds of spices.


The board is mandated to oversee both small and large cardamom and 52 other spices which were included in the list of Schedule of the Spice Board Act of 1986. The board is engaged in regulatory work by deciding how spices should be produced, marketed or dispatched to control quality in the sector. 

Benefits of Spice Board Registration

Getting registration from the Spice Board of India proves extremely beneficial. Here are the primary advantages:


Quality Assurance: Signing up for the Spice Board will mean the approval of all quality control standards set by the Board. A license creates a lot of confidence in the product and helps the buyer determine the quality and safety of the spices.


Market Access: Spice Board registration is a compulsory procedure for spice export in many countries. It gives importers easy access to international markets because some of them deal with duly registered trading partners to make the compliance process easier.


Regulatory Compliance: The registration ensures that businesses follow the set rules, which include hygiene, packaging, and even labeling standards. Consumers trust the food safety mechanism to avoid uneasiness.


Government Schemes and Support: The registered companies in the spice industry can access different government schemes. Sometimes they also get financial aid for business expansion.


  • Credibility and Reputation: The Spice Board registration strengthens the organization’s spirit. They can easily gain support and credibility in the market

Spice Board Registration Process

The registration process with the Spice Board of India is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Online Application: Fill out an online registration application on the Spice Board's official website to start your registration process. 

Document Submission: After submitting the application, upload scanned copies of important documents. These include incorporation papers, PAN cards, address proof, and bank details. 

  • Payment of Fees: The registration fee is determined on a per-type basis. It amounts to ₹15,000 with 18% GST for manufacturers and ₹10,000 with 18% GST for merchants. Payment is usually done through NEFT​.

Verification and Inspection: The Spice Bank will verify the submitted documents in detail. In some cases, there will be an inspection to review compliance with quality standards. 

Issuance of Certificate: After valid payment and verification, the Spice Board issues a Certificate of Registration as an Exporter of Spices (CRES). After obtaining this certification you can conduct spice business legally.

Required Documents

Uploading documents is very important, even a slight mistake can lead to rejection. The list of documents you'll require is as follows: 

  • checklist Application form: The prescribed application form (Form-1)  must be duly filled up and uploaded.
  • checklist Import-Export (IE) Code: A self-attested copy IE code certificate 
  • checklist Registration fee: “Registrations fee through crossed Demand Draft” should be paid 
  • checklist PAN Card: A copy of the PAN Card 
  • checklist GST Registration Certificate 
  • checklist Bank Certificate: A self-attested copy of the Bank certificate
  • checklist Identity and Address Proof of the Proprietor/Partner/Director/Authorised Person: (Aadhar card, passport, Voter ID card, and driving license)
  • checklist Company Incorporation Certificate (if applicable): Self-adduced copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association or Certificate of Incorporation of the company


Spice Board Registration Validity

The Spice Board Registration in India has the validity of three years in one shot. Businesses that want unbroken operation must renew their registration before their validity period ends. The certificate must be renewed during the final session at the end of each block period. Applicants must their application two months before the expiry of their current license. If the license is not renewed before the end of the block year you will need to file a new application with relevant fees and required documents. 


Wrapping up


Indian Spice Board registration is a crucial compliance factor for a legal enterprise working in the spice industry. Along with helping you maintain quality and regulatory standards, the license gives you the opportunity for market expansion.  Implementation of this process and keeping the required documents ready helps the business get the certificate quickly and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.


If you want additional information about the registration procedure. Visit the official website of the Spice Board of India. To get assistance with Spice Board Registration in India, contact the Agile Regulatory team today! 

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