WPC ETA Certificate: Registration Process!

WPC ETA Certificate: Registration Process!

WPC ETA Certificate: Registration Process!

Overview of WPC ETA Certificate

In India, the term "WPC ETA Certificate" often surfaces in discussions related to wireless communication and electronic devices. WPC-ETA (Wireless Planning and Coordination - Equipment Type Approval) is a regulatory process in India for approving wireless and telecommunications equipment before it may be legally imported, marketed, or utilized in the country. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) administers the WPC-ETA Approval through its Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing.

Manufacturers and importers intending to introduce wireless and telecommunications equipment in India must go through the WPC-ETA Approval process. This normally includes extensive testing and evaluation to ensure that the equipment meets the WPC's stated technical requirements, frequency ranges, and safety criteria.

What is a WPC ETA Certificate?

A WPC ETA Certificate, short for Wireless Planning and Coordination Certificate, is an official document issued by the Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) Wing of the Department of Telecommunications, Government of India.

WPC Certificate essentially permits individuals and entities to establish, maintain, and operate wireless equipment and radio frequency devices, ensuring that they comply with regulatory guidelines and do not interfere with other wireless services.

What are the Objectives of the WPC ETA Certificate?

This Act is regulated and forced with the following objectives:

  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory To regulate the trade and commerce in wireless Products.
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory To set the standards of digital and wireless products.
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory To regulate the manufacturers, sellers, importers, and use of goods by their modification, planning, etc.
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory To rationalize the Wireless system.

Is It Mandatory to get WPC ETA Certification in India?

Yes WPC Certification is Mandatory for Importers and Manufacturers in India. If importers and manufacturers fail to acquire the same, they will not be able to operate business in India. With this importers or manufacturers have to face high fines or penalties.

List of Products that are Covered in WPC ETA Certificate in India

The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) ETA Certificate is issued only for Electronic products or devices, that use wireless technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other network systems.

  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Mobile Phones and Smartphones
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Bluetooth Speakers
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Wireless headsets and earphones
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Wi-Fi routers and access points
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Wireless mice & keyboard
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Remote control devices
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory GPS devices
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Radio communication devices
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory RFID devices

What are the Benefits of  Getting a WPC ETA Certificate?

Regulatory Compliance: The WPC Certificate is mandatory for any individual or organization seeking to import, sell, use, or possess wireless equipment and devices in India.

Spectrum Management: The WPC Wing manages and allocates the limited radio frequency spectrum resources available in India.

National Security: Regulating wireless communication is crucial for national security.

Prevention from Interference: Without proper regulation, multiple wireless devices operating in the same frequency bands can interfere with each other, leading to communication breakdowns and potential security risks.

Documents Required for WPC WTA Certificate

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of Company PAN Card

  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory PAN Card of the authorized person
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Aadhar Card of the authorized person
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of GST Certificate
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of MSME Certificate
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of Electricity Bill
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory RF Test Report or ISO/IEC-17025/NABL report of the product
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Product User Manual or catalog
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Authorization Letter

Registration Process of WPC ETA Certificate?

Obtaining a WPC Certificate in India involves a series of steps:

Step 1: Identify the Type of Certificate: Determine the type of WPC Certificate you need based on your specific use case, such as Amateur Radio Operator, Consumer, Dealer, Manufacturer, or Research and Development.

Step 2: Application Submission: Complete the application form available on the WPC Wing's official website or at their regional offices. Ensure that all required documents, including equipment details, are attached.

Step 3: Documentation: Prepare the necessary documentation, including the application form for WPC Portal. This form can be obtained from the WPC website or their regional offices.

Step 4: Online Payment of Fees: Pay the applicable processing fees online or through a bank draft in favour of "The Pay & Accounts Officer (HQ), Department of Telecommunication (DOT). 

Step 5: Verification and Inspection: Depending on the type of certificate, a WPC official may inspect your premises or equipment to ensure compliance with regulatory norms.

Step 6: Issue of Certificate: After successful verification and inspection, the WPC Wing will issue the WPC Certificate, which is typically valid for a specified duration.


WPC ETA Certificate is mandatory in India for anyone working who is involved in business activities like importing, manufacturing and selling wireless devices or radio frequency devices.  Individuals and organizations that get the relevant WPC ETA Certificate can contribute to the responsible and lawful use of wireless resources in the country, benefiting both themselves and society as a whole. Agile Regulatory with a team of expert professionals having more than 12+ years of experience in the same industries offers a complete package for WPC ETA Certification. Connect Agile Regualtory.

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