What is CDSCO Medical Device Import Certificate?

What is CDSCO Medical Device Import Certificate?

Medical Device Import Certificate?

Overview of Medical Device Import Registration

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), an agency of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, is responsible for enforcing rules and monitoring medical device imports in India. Following specific regulations and acquiring the required licences are requirements for importing medical equipment into the nation.                      

Understanding the Medical Device Import License 

CDSCO Medical Device Import License is a legal requirement for entities seeking to import medical devices into India. This license ensures that imported medical devices comply with the India's regulatory standards established by CDSCO.

Regulatory Bodies Responsible for Medical Device Import Certificate

A. Drug Controller General of INDIA (DCGI).

B. CDSCO (Central Drug Standard Control Organisation).

Types of Medical Devices in India

1. Notified Medical Device.

2. Non- Non-notified medical device.

Who Can Apply for Medical Device Import Registration Certificate?

According to CDSCO regulations, the person required a license to manufacture/import (for sale or distribution) or a wholesale licence (for sale or distribution), will submit an application to get authorization for the Import of Medical Devices.

Registration Process of CDSCO Medical Device Import License 

Step 1: Classify Your Medical Device: 

Medical Devices must first be properly classified based on their intended usage, level of risk, and other factors. The type of classification will establish the particular specifications and laws that apply to your medical product. There are four types of Medical Device Classes:

  • A. Class A  (Low risk)
  • B. Class B  (Low to moderate risk)
  • C. Class C  (Moderate to high risk)
  • D. Class D  (High risk)
  • Step 2: Appoint an Authorized Indian Agent:

  • The appointment of an authorised Indian agent, who acts as an intermediate between the manufacturer and the Indian regulatory authorities, is necessary for non-resident manufacturers.
  • Step 3: Prepare Technical Documentation:

  • We must put the technical documentation of the medical devices which includes their performance, specifications, design, and intended usage. This paperwork is necessary need to show that your product satisfies all the quality and safety regulations.
  • Step 4: Preparation of the Documentation:

  • Various documents need to be submitted Medical Device Import License:
  • check list of agile regulatory Company’s Incorporation Certificate
  • check list of agile regulatory Contact number and E-mail ID of the applicant
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of GST certificate
  • check list of agile regulatory Partnership deed
  • check list of agile regulatory List of partners/directors
  • check list of agile regulatory Address Proof of the business premises
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of the Authorized person's PAN card and Aadhar card
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of the free sale Certificate
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of the IEC Code of the authorized company
  • check list of agile regulatory Product details and specifications
  • check list of agile regulatory Flow chart and manufacturing process details
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of the Drug Wholesale Licence
  • check list of agile regulatory Copy of ISO 13485 from the Notified body
  • check list of agile regulatory Plant Master File (PMF)
  • check list of agile regulatory Device Master File (DMF) 
  • Step 5: Submit the Application:

  • Prepare a comprehensive application dossier that includes all necessary documentation. The application should be submitted to the CDSCO along with the prescribed fees.
  • Step 6: Quality Management System (QMS) Audit: 

  • CDSCO may conduct a Quality Management System audit of the manufacturing facility to ensure that the facility adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other quality standards.
  • Step 7: Review and Approval:

CDSCO reviews the application dossier and assesses the submitted documentation. If everything is in order and compliant with the regulations, the CDSCO issues the Medical Device Import License.

Step: Obtain Regulatory Approvals:

Depending on the risk classification of your medical device, you may need to obtain regulatory approvals such as registration certificates or licenses from CDSCO. Some devices may require additional clearance from specialized committees.

Post-Market Surveillance

With the license in hand, you can proceed with importing Medical Devices into India. It's essential to comply with post-market surveillance requirements and promptly report any adverse events related to the imported devices.

Validity of the CDSCO Medical Device Import Registration

The authorization to import medical devices, granted in Form MD-15, is valid forever, or as long as the licence retention cost is periodically paid. Unless it is suspended or revoked by the Central Licencing Authority (CLA), the Licence Retention must be paid each time before a period of 5 years from the date the Import Licence was issued.


Obtaining a CDSCO Medical Device Import License is a important for ensuring that the medical devices  imported into India are safe for use. Navigating the regulatory landscape can be complex, but with the right understanding of the process and compliance with the requirements, businesses can successfully import and distribute medical devices in the Indian market while upholding the highest quality and safety standards. Get a CDSCO Medical Device Import Registration with expert guidance from Agile Regulatory. We silver the project within the given timeframe with a smooth collaborative approach. 

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