What is CDSCO Registration?

What is CDSCO Registration?

what is cdsco registration?


Introduction of CDSCO Registration

The pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical device industries are rapidly expanding in Indian market. As a result of this growth a strict regulations are required to ensure product safety . Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation or CDSCO is the main regualtory body who is regulating these sectors. in this blog we will discuss about CDSCO Registration, process involved, types of certification, documentation, importance etc. 

What is CDSCO?

In India, cosmetics, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals are all too national regulatory oversight by the body is Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO).  Regulating by the Government of India (Central Government or State Government), the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. The main objectives of the CDSCO are to ensure the efficacy, safety, and quality of medicines and other healthcare product sales in the Indian market.

Is It Mandatory to Get CDSCO Registration in India?

Yes CDSCO Registration is Mandatory for Importers and Manufacturers in India for Healthcare organizations. If importers and manufacturers fail to acquire the same, they will not be able to operate business in India.

Types of CDSCO Registration

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Medical Device Import License (MD-14 and MD-15)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Medical Device Manufacturing License (MD-3,5,7,8)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Medical Device Wholesale Drug License (FORM 41 and FORM 42)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Medicine and Drug Wholesale License (FORM 19)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Drug Import License

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Drug Manufacturing License

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Cosmetic Import License (COS-1)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Cosmetic Manufacturing License (COS-8)

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Loan License

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Test License

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory ADC NOC and Dual-use NOC

Licensing Authorities for CDSCO Registration in India

There are two types of authorities for CDSCO registration in India:

State License Authority (SLA):

The SLA issues CDSCO manufacturing, loan, and wholesale licenses for medical devices and IVDs that fall under Class A & B.

Central License Authority (CLA):

The CLA issues CDSCO import, manufacturing, loan, and wholesale licenses for medical devices and IVDs that fall under Class C & D, and import licenses for all types of cosmetics in India.

Who can apply for CDSCO registration in India?

  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Indian Manufacturer of Medical devices/Cosmetic/IVDs
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Importer of Medical devices/Cosmetic/IVDs
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Foreign Manufacturers of Medical devices/Cosmetic/IVDs
  • Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Authorized Agents of Medical device/Cosmetic/IVDs

What is the Significance of CDSCO Registration?

Pharmaceutical firms and producers of medical devices must register with CDSCO in order to sell their goods in India. CDSCO Registration ensures product safety and quality, as well as the health and welfare of Indian customers.

Registration Process of CDSCO

The CDSCO Registration process can be a complex and time-consuming process, involving several steps:  

Step 1: Preparing Documentation: prepare all necessary documents, including details of the manufacturing process:

  1. Copy of GST Certificate  
  2. Import-export Coe (IEC)  
  3. Free sale Certificate  
  4. Pan and Aadhar of the authorized person  
  5. Address proof  
  6. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Step 2: Formulating a Device Master File (DMF): In the case of pharmaceuticals and Medical devices, a Drug Master File needs to be submitted along with documents.  
  • Step 3: Formulating a Plant Master File (PMF): In the case of Medical devices, a Plant Master File is submitted.

  • Step 4: Submission of Application: Companies must submit their application to the CDSCO along with the required fees.  

  • Step 5: Scrutiny and Review: CDSCO authorities will scrutinize the application and review the submitted documents.

  • Step 6: Inspection: In some cases, CDSCO may conduct an inspection of the manufacturing unit to ensure that it complies with and quality of the product with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • Step 7: Approval or Rejection: Based on their evaluation and inspection findings, CDSCO will grant the approval for making and marketing the product in India or reject the application.

  • Step 8: Post-Approval: Once a product is approved, the company must adhere to ongoing compliance requirements and regulatory obligations, including pharmacovigilance and reporting adverse events.

Benefits of CDSCO Licnese

Legal ComplianceCDSCO Registration ensures compliance with Healthcare regulations, protecting businesses from legal troubles.

Brand Reputation: Companies that actively engage in CDSCO gain a positive reputation for their commitment to Healthcare sustainability, which can attract eco-conscious consumers.

Competitive Advantage: CDSCO-compliant businesses often have a competitive edge in the market as sustainability becomes a key factor for consumers' purchasing decisions.

Environmental Impact: CDSCO contributes significantly to reducing the environmental impact of products, aligning with global sustainability goals.


CDSCO Registration is a critical step for pharmaceutical and medical device companies looking to access the Indian market. Although navigating the CDSCO registration procedure might be difficult, businesses can effectively introduce their goods to the Indian market and contribute to the healthcare ecosystem by following laws and providing the proper documents. Agile Regulatory offers a Complete package of CDSCO Registration for the Import and Manufacturing of Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Drugs, etc. Connect with Agile Regualtory's Medical Device Professionals. 

Checkout the process in detail: CDSCO Online Process

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