What is BIS CRS: Compulsory Registration Scheme ?

What is BIS CRS: Compulsory Registration Scheme ?

What is BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)?


Overview of BIS CRS

BIS implements a compulsory registration scheme, according to Scheme-II of the BIS Regulations (Conformity Assessment) 2018, Annex-II. Domestic and imported electronic devices must be tested in order to be certified, according to CRS. It should be noted that product compliance will be acquired following testing and evaluation. On October 3, 2012, the Meity issued the Electronics Devices/Goods (Requirement for CRS) Order, 2012, for various categories of 15 electronic devices. On November 13, 2014, 15 additional items were added to the same order, including power adapters for IT equipment, mobile phones, point-of-sale terminals, a copying machine or duplicators, and other items. The list of items covered by BIS CRS is not limited to these; on August 23, 2017, 13 other products were included to ensure safer products. LED floodlights, CCTV cameras or recorders, smart watches, recessed LED luminaires, and so on are examples of these items. The number of goods added to the list is constantly increasing to ensure the customer's trust and safety.

Meaning of BIS CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme)

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards imple­ments the Compulsory Registration Sche­me or CRS. This nationwide program requires certification for certain products. Through the CRS, established under the BIS Act of 2016, the Bureau aims to confirm that items meet quality, safety, and performance standards before being sold in India. As the national standards body, the Bureau of Indian Standards oversee­s and manages the Compulsory Registration Sche­me. The main purpose of BIS is to ensure that the consumers of electronics items must receive a qualified product.

What are the objectives of the BIS CRS?

The primary objectives of the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme are as follows:

Consumer Protection: The scheme aims to protect consumers from substandard and unsafe products. By applying the quality and safety standards, consumers can confidently purchase products that meet established quality parameters by BIS.  

Regulatory Control: CRS scheme establishes a regulatory framework that ensures products entering the market adhere to predetermined standards. This helps prevent the circulation of counterfeit or low-quality products.  

Domestic Industry Promotion:  CRS scheme also fosters the growth of the domestic industry by setting standards that manufacturers must meet. Which encourages companies to invest in technology and innovation.

Products Covered Under the BIS CRS

BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme covers a wide range of products, including:

Laptop, Notebook, Tablets
Electronics Games
Plasma, LED, LCD, Smart TV
Microwave Ovens
Visual Display Monitor
Printer, Plotter
Telephone Machine
Electronic Music System
Electronic Clock
Automatic Data Processing 
Set Top Box
Power Adaptor
Passport Reader
Power Bank
LED Flood Light
Smart Card Reader
POS Machine
Cash Register
Mobile Phone
LED Luminaries
Electronic Control Gear
LED Lamp
Copying Machine
CCTV Camera, Recorder
Mail Processing Machine
Passport Reader
Solar Photovoltaic
Optical Disc Player
Barcode Reader, Scanner
Smart Watch
Induction Stove
Cash Dispensing Machines
Wireless Headphone
USB Type Storage Devices
Switch Mode Power Supplies
Rice Cooker
Digital, Video Camera
Smart, Bluetooth Speaker
LED Flood Light
Power Bank

Documents Required for getting a BIS CRS Certificate

  • check list of agile regulatory Online Submission: Copy of acknowledgement received from the portal
  • check list of agile regulatory Address Proof: Business License, Other Documents issued by Govt.
  • check list of agile regulatory Signatory for Application: The application is not signed by the CEO, The Authority letter from the CEO
  • check list of agile regulatory Form VI: Online-generated copy
  • check list of agile regulatory Brand Name (registered): Registration certificate, Authorization letter, or agreement
  • check list of agile regulatory Brand Name (unregistered): Copy of TM application, Authorization letter, or agreement
  • check list of agile regulatory Undertaking: For the Test report
  • check list of agile regulatory Foreign Manufacturer: Nomination Form sealed and signed
  • check list of agile regulatory Authorized Indian Representative: Certificate of Registration
  • check list of agile regulatory Authorized Indian Representative: Affidavit cum undertaking
  • check list of agile regulatory AIR: Copy of ID Proof of the person signing the affidavit
  • check list of agile regulatory Affidavit: Affidavit signed by Authorized signatory, an authorization letter from the CEO
  • check list of agile regulatory Affidavit: Copy of ID Proof of the person signing the affidavit

Process of Obtaining a BIS CRS Certificate

 Step 1: Se­lection of the Applicable Standard: A product manufacture­r or importer must first identify the re­levant standard as outlined in the Bure­au of Indian Standards guidelines available through their website at https://www.bis.gov.in/.

 Step 2: Application: Those wanting to manufacture or import a product must submit a re­quest to the Bureau of Indian Standards through their online portal at https://www.crsbis.in/. The application

 Ste­p 3: Product Evaluation Testing: The products undergo a thorough test evaluation in government-approved laboratorie­s to ensure they fulfil the outlined specifications.

 Step 4: Application Review: The submitted application and test report will be evaluated by the BIS re­view team to ensure the product adheres to compliance­ standards.

 Ste­p 5: Grant of Certificate: If the products successfully complete the testing stage and the factory audit, the Bureau of Indian Standards will provide the manufacturer authorization to use the BIS ce­rtification mark. Having cleared the rigorous evaluation process, organizations can display this endorseme­nt sign

Benefits and Impact of BIS CRS

The BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme has several benefits and impacts:

Informing Consumer Decisions:  When consumers have access to information regarding product safety and quality, they can make well-informed choices. Knowle­dge allows individuals to select ite­ms assured to pose no risks while meeting acceptable standards.

Market Access: Manufacturers gain access to the Indian market by complying with the BIS standards, enhancing their market credibility.

Driving Industry Advancement through Continuous Quality Improvement:
Manufacturers aim to enhance their products' quality in order to satisfy pre­scribed standards. Meeting such criteria of BIS helps the manufacturer push industrial progress forward.

Counterfeit Prevention: The scheme acts as a deterrent to the circulation of counterfeit and substandard products.

Domestic Industry Growth: The 
BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme promotes domestic manufacturing and innovation by contributing to the growth of the Indian industry.

Challenges and Future Directions

While the Bureau of Indian Standards' Compulsory Registration Scheme­ is praiseworthy, it also presents difficulties such as the initial expense­s of compliance for manufacturers, potential de­lays in certification, and keeping pace­ with quickly changing technological standards. To solve these difficulties, a long-lasting te­amwork between BIS and manufacturers streamlined certification processes, and proactive updates to standards are crucial. However, increasing the unde­rstanding among customers of the importance of the BIS certification can further strengthen the BIS CRS scheme's impact.


BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme is a regulatory certification that ensures the safety, quality, and performance of products in the Indian market. By setting quality standards and implementing mandatory certifications, the BIS compulsory registration scheme not only takes care of consumers but also stimulates domestic industry growth and competitiveness.  Connect with Agile Regulatory experienced technical engineers to get a detailed discussion of process, documents, timeline, validity, etc.

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