PSARA License/Consultants in Haryana

PSARA License/Consultants in Haryana

Overview of PSARA License in Haryana

Private security agencies provide services to businesses, guesthouses, hotels, private bungalows, and other establishments. Private security agencies in India and in the provision of security services. Furthermore, private security agencies provide training, maintain guard information, hire and fire guards, and manage salary-related compliances.

What is PSARA License?

Private security firms in India must obtain a PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act) license. The Controlling Authority, which is usually appointed by the state government, issues the license. Each Indian state may have its own Controlling Authority in charge of overseeing the licensing process. To operate legally in India, private security agencies must obtain and maintain a valid PSARA license. The license certifies that the agency has met the required criteria and is legally authorized to provide private security services.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to get a PSARA License in Haryana?

The licensing authority for PSARA licenses in Haryana is typically the Controlling Authority appointed by the state government.

Here are some general criteria that are often considered for obtaining a PSARA license:

  1. Character :
    • The individuals involved in the management or ownership of the private security agency are usually required to have a good character and background.
  2. Qualifications:
    • The directors or partners of the private security agency may need to meet certain educational qualifications as specified by the licensing authority.
  3. Infrastructure and Facilities:
    • The agency's infrastructure, including its office premises and training facilities, is often subject to evaluation to ensure it meets the necessary standards.
  4. Training Standards:
    • Compliance with the training standards prescribed by PSARA is a crucial aspect. The agency is expected to have appropriate training programs for its security personnel.

Types of PSARA License 

Under the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA) in India, there are generally many types of licenses that private security agencies can obtain
  • License for Armed Guards: Private security firms that employ armed guards are granted this type of license.  Armed security guards may carry firearms while on duty. These guards are usually hired to protect high-value assets, sensitive locations, or individuals who require extra protection.
  •  Unarmed Guard License: Private security companies that use unarmed security guards must obtain this type of license. Unarmed guards with no access to weapons provide security services.
  • Cash-in-Transit (CIT) License: Private security companies that handle and transport cash must be licensed. This license allows them to safely transfer money and valuables between financial institutions, ATMs, and businesses. 
  •  Central Monitoring System (CMS) Licensing: Some private security firms specialize in electronic surveillance and monitoring services such as CCTV monitoring and alarm system monitoring. CMS (Central Monitoring System) license. These businesses can only legally operate if they have a CMS license. 

Procedure to get a PSARA License in Haryana

The procedure for obtaining a PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act) license in Haryana involves several steps.
  1. Prepare Documentation:
    • Gather all of the documents needed for the license application. This may include identification, address, educational qualifications, financial statements, and so on.
  2. Submit Application:
    • Create a formal PSARA license application. Check that the application form is complete and correct.
    • Submit the application along with the required documents to the Controlling Authority.
  3. Fee Payment:
    • Pay the required license application fee.
  4. Inspection:
    • The Controlling Authority may conduct an inspection of the agency's premises to ensure that it meets the required standards.
  5. Granting of License:
    • If the agency successfully meets all the criteria and passes the verification process, the Controlling Authority may grant the PSARA license.

Who can issue PSARA license in the Haryana government?

In Haryana, the issuance of PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act) licenses is typically overseen by the Controlling Authority appointed by the state government. The Controlling Authority is responsible for regulating and monitoring private security agencies within the state. This authority plays a crucial role in processing license applications, conducting verifications, and ensuring that private security agencies comply with the provisions of the PSARA Act.

  1. Home Department or Police Department
  2. State Security Corporation
  3. Local Government Offices

Documents Needed for PSARA License

The specific documents required for a PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act) license application may vary by state in India, as each state can have its own guidelines and requirements. However, here is a general list of documents that are often requested during the PSARA license application process:

  1. Application Form
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Educational Qualifications
  4. Financial Documents
  5. Character Certificate
  6. Company Registration Certificate
  7. PAN Card
  8. Employee Records
  9. Any Other Specific Documents

Validity of PSARA License

The PSARA License is valid for five years after it is issued.


Finally, obtaining a PSARA (Private Security Agencies Regulation Act) license in Haryana allows private security firms to legally operate and provide services. The state government-appointed Controlling Authority is critical in overseeing the licensing process and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the PSARA Act. Private security firms must carefully follow the application procedures; submit all required documents, and so on.

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