Cosmetics Import Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

Cosmetics Import Registration: A Comprehensive Guide

Cosmetics Import Registration: A Comprehensive Guide


Overview of Cosmetics Import Registration

The beauty and cosmetic industry has witnessed rapid growth and innovation over the years, making it an integral part of many people's lives. In India, with a burgeoning consumer market and increasing demand for cosmetics, the regulations governing their import have gained prominence. One of the key regulatory aspects that businesses and entrepreneurs need to understand is the "Cosmetic Import License." This blog explores the intricacies of obtaining a cosmetic import license in India and sheds light on the importance of compliance in this dynamic industry. The market for cosmetic and personal care products is enormous in India, where the cosmetic sector is growing quickly. According to Rule 21 of the 1945 Drugs and Cosmetics Rule, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare must issue a CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration Certificate. The Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), which issues the certificate, is the major regulatory body for CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration in India.

What is the meaning of Cosmetic?

Cosmetic means any substance that is aimed to be scrubbed, poured, sprayed or introduced into the human body which is used for cleansing, beautifying or altering the appearance, which also includes any item included in cosmetics.

Understanding the Cosmetic Import License (COS-I & COS-II)

Any individual or organisation planning to import cosmetics into India for sales and distribution purposes is required by rules to get a cosmetic import licence. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare's Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), which regulates the licence, is in charge of it. The CDSCO's main goal is to guarantee the efficacy, safety, and quality of cosmetics sold in the Indian market.

Who is eligible for CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration in India?

Authorised Agent: In case the manufacturer has authorised an agent on their behalf to import cosmetics in India

An Indian Subsidiary of the Foreign Manufacturer: For any overseas manufacturer, the Indian subsidiary firm can apply on their behalf for the CDSCO Cosmetic Import Registration.

Manufacturer: The manufacturer can also apply for the grant of CDSCO Cosmetic Registration in India.

Any Other Importer: Any Indian Importer willing to import cosmetics to India from over overseas manufacturer can apply for Cosmetic Import Registration.

Importance of the Cosmetic Import Registration in India

Consumer Safety: The foremost objective of the cosmetic import license is to ensure that the imported cosmetics meet the necessary safety standards. This safeguards the health and well-being of consumers who use these products.

Quality Assurance: The licensing process involves rigorous scrutiny of the quality of cosmetics. This helps maintain a high standard in the products available to consumers, thereby building trust in the industry.

Regulatory Compliance: Acquiring the necessary license ensures that businesses operate within the bounds of the law. Non-compliance can result in legal consequences, tarnishing a brand's reputation and resulting in financial losses.

Documents required for import of Cosmetics Products into India

check list of agile regulatory Authorisation from the manufacturer (duly authenticated).

check list of agile regulatory List of Ingredients along with its percentage of contents.

check list of agile regulatory Labels of proposed products.

check list of agile regulatory Specifications and testing methods.

check list of agile regulatory Manufacturing Licenses of the overseas country.

check list of agile regulatory Free Sale Certificate (duly authenticated).

check list of agile regulatory Non-Animal Testing Declaration.

check list of agile regulatory Declaration form only in case of Heavy Metal and Hexachlorophene content.

check list of agile regulatory Other documents (If any).

check list of agile regulatory Application in Form COS-1.

check list of agile regulatory Fee: Original Bharatkosh e-receipt for the fee paid.

check list of agile regulatory Certificate of Incorporation.

check list of agile regulatory Copy of GST Certificate.

check list of agile regulatory Copy of Aadhar Card and PAN card of authorised person.

check list of agile regulatory Copy of Import Export Code (IEC).


Process Steps to Obtain a Cosmetic Import Registration (COS-I & COS-II) in India

Step 1: Applicant Registration: The first step involves registering on the CDSCO's online portal, known as the "SUGAM" portal.

Step 2: Application SubmissionThe applicant submits a detailed application along with required documents, which typically include information about the cosmetic products, their ingredients, manufacturing details, and labelling.

Step 3: Technical Scrutiny: CDSCO reviews the application and supporting documents to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. This includes an evaluation of the ingredients used and their safety profiles.

Step 4: Testing and Analysis: In some cases, the CDSCO might request samples of the imported cosmetics for testing and analysis to verify their compliance with safety and quality parameters.

Step 5: Issuance of License: Once the application and products are deemed compliant, the CDSCO issues the cosmetic import license. This permits the importation and sale of the specified cosmetics in India.

Step 6: Renewal: Cosmetic import License is typically valid for a specific period, after which it needs to be renewed to continue importing cosmetics.


Navigating the regulatory landscape of Cosmetic Import Registration in India can be complex, but it's a crucial process for maintaining consumer safety and industry integrity. The cosmetic import license issued by the CDSCO ensures that imported cosmetics meet the necessary quality and safety standards. To succeed in the market and protect the interests of their customers, businesses and entrepreneurs in the beauty sector must place a high priority on regulatory compliance. The industry can continue to grow and give customers access to high-quality, safe cosmetics by following the rules and acquiring the necessary licenses. At Agile Regulatory we help foreign manufacturers who want to launch their cosmetics items in India or domestic importers who want to import cosmetics in India from foreign manufacturers. 

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