BIS for Electric Ceiling Fans IS 374:2019

BIS for Electric Ceiling Fans IS 374:2019

BIS for Electric Ceiling Fans IS 374:2019


Overview of BIS Certificate for Electric Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a common fixture in almost every Indian household. Due to heavy summers and the need for effective air circulation, Ceiling Fans have become an important part of our lives. The dependability and quality of this common equipment must be ensured, though. This is where the Indian Standards Institute's (ISI) and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification of ceiling fans as per Indian Standard IS 374:2019 comes in a public figure. In this blog post, the relevance and advantages of the BIS ISI mark Certification along with the documents required and the registration process for ceiling fans in India will be discussed.

Understanding the BIS Certification

Before discussing the specifics of ceiling fan certification, it's essential to understand what BIS ISI Marks represent.

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS): 

BIS is a national standard body of India, functioning under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution. BIS formulates the quality standards and certification. 

Indian Standards Institute (ISI): 

BIS ISI was established in 1947 as the first national standards body in India. It is now part of BIS and is synonymous with product quality assurance in the country. ISI marks are granted after rigorous testing and inspection.


What are the Benefits of Getting a BIS for Electric Ceiling Fans?

Safety Assurance: Consumer Safety matters a lot when it comes to electrical appliances like ceiling fans. BIS ISI Mark on a fan is proof that the product follows safety standards and quality parameters.

Quality Standards: The certification guarantees that the fan has been tested for quality and performance. This includes checking the fan's motor efficiency, quality of the blade quality and power consumption so that consumers can be confident that they are buying a reliable product.

Energy Efficiency: Ceiling fans that bear the BIS ISI mark are likely to be more energy-efficient. which helps consumers reduce electricity bills.

Reliability of the Product: Certified ceiling fans are designed to last longer and perform consistently over time. 

Consumer Confidence: BIS ISI mark instils confidence in consumers. They can trust that the fan has undergone rigorous testing and adheres to the highest quality standards.

Registration Process of BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Fans

Obtaining a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for Ceiling Fans as per IS 374:2019 involves a structured process. Here are the general steps to guide you through the certification process:

Step 1: Register with BIS Portal: An Application needs to create a login ID and Password to the BIS online portals by using a Mobile Number and email ID.     

Step 2: Sample Submission: Submit samples of the ceiling fans that you want to certify to the BIS-approved lab for testing purposes. 

Step 3: Product Testing: The samples submitted to the lab will undergo testing to ensure that the ceiling fans meet the performance, safety, and quality standards specified in IS 374:2019.

Step 4: Submit Application: Submit the application Including all required documents and information along with the test report received by BIS approved lab. Documents typically include technical specifications, manufacturing process details etc.

Step 5: Factory Inspection: BIS will conduct an inspection of the manufacturing facility to ensure that the production processes and quality control measures align with the standard. 

Step 6: Application Analysis:  Submitted documents along with test reports and other relevant details will be analysed by the BIS officer in order to check compliance with the standard. 

Step 7: Grant of Certification: If it passes all tests, inspections, and documentation in order as per compliance, BIS will grant you the BIS ISI Mark Certification. You will be authorized to use the BIS Standard Mark on your certified products.

Post Licensing Compliance for License Holder 

Periodic Surveillance: Even after certification is granted, BIS may conduct periodic surveillance visits and product testing to ensure continued compliance with the standard.

Certification Marking: Once the Ceiling fan is certified, you can use the BIS Standard Mark which provides assurance to consumers of the product's quality and compliance with the standard.


Getting a BIS ISI Mark Certification for ceiling fans in India is an important step to ensuring safety, quality, and energy efficiency. When consumers come to know that a product like a ceiling fan has been certified with BIS quality standards, It gives confidence to them to buy that product.  Which is beneficial to manufacturers to increase their consumer trust, brand value, and revenue and successfully compete in the Indian market. With ISI Mark Certification, the Indian ceiling fan market moves towards a future where quality and safety are not compromised.

Role of Agile Regulatory in Getting a BIS Certificate for Electric Ceiling Fans

Agile Regulatory is a leading consulting firm that offers complete support in the process of obtaining a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certificate for ceiling fans. Agile Regulatory with a team of experienced engineers having a deep knowledge of the BIS ISI Mark certification procedure, assist manufacturers and importers in the whole process, from product testing and documentation to factory inspections. Our role includes ensuring that ceiling fans adhere to the standards set by BIS as per IS 374:2019, by streamlining the certification process and improving the chance of approval. Agile Regulatory expedite the certification journey, enabling manufacturers to meet regulatory requirements and certify their ceiling fans for the Indian market efficiently.

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