BIS ISI for Door Handles IS 4992:1975

BIS ISI for Door Handles IS 4992:1975

BIS ISI for Door Handles IS 49921975

Introduction of BIS for Door Handels

Door Handles play a major role in house safety and security products. For the sake of manufacturers and consumers alike, these handles must meet the highest standards of quality and safety. In India, a sign of quality assurance is the ISI Mark Certification by the Bureau of Indian Standards Body (BIS). We will explore the significance of BIS ISI Mark Certification for door handles in India, shedding light on the certification process and its benefits.

Understanding BIS ISI Mark Certification for Door Handels

BIS ISI Mark Certification is a mark of quality and safety that is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is a type of the national standards body of India. This certification is granted to products that meet the specified standards set by BIS, ensuring that they adhere to the prescribed quality, safety, and performance criteria.

For door handles in India, obtaining the BIS ISI Mark Certification is crucial. This ISI mark certification shows that the products have passed the testing and fulfill the BIS requirements. Customers gain faith in the product's dependability, quality, and safety as a result.

Certification Process of BIS for Door Handels

The process of obtaining BIS ISI Mark Certification involves many steps, emphasizing thorough testing and compliance with standards. Manufacturers must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Determine Applicable Standard: Identify and understand the relevant BIS standard for door handles. Standards specifications regarding product materials, dimensions, performance, and safety.

Step 2: Pre-Application Assessment: Before initiating the application process, manufacturers should conduct a pre-assessment of their products and manufacturing processes to ensure they meet the relevant BIS standards for door handles.

Step 3: Application Submission: To become certified, manufacturers must submit an application to BIS. The application contains completed details regarding the manufacturing process, quality control procedures, door handle quality, and any other information. This submission is typically done online through the BIS portal.

Step 4: Documentary Review: BIS conducts a thorough review of the submitted documents to verify compliance with the specified standards. This means going over the manufacturing process, the quality control protocols, and any relevant data that was submitted in the BIS application.

Step 5: Factory Inspection: To make sure that the production procedures follow the proper rules and guidelines established by BIS Body, an on-site inspection of the manufacturing plant may be carried out by BIS. The purpose of the inspection is to confirm the manufacturer can reliably produce products that maintain and ensure the efficacy, quality, and safety standards of the products.

Step 6: Sample Testing: Samples of the door handles are collected by BIS for testing. Product samples are tested in BIS-approved labs for testing to see if they meet the required criteria so the sample is passed. Evaluations of the material's performance, safety, durability, and quality have been part of the testing.

Material and Finish:

  1. Ensure that the material of the door handle complies with the specified standards.
  2. Check the finish for durability, corrosion resistance, and adherence to safety standards.

Load and Impact Resistance:

  1. Test the handle for its ability to withstand a specified load and impact without failure.
  2. Evaluate how resistant the handle is to breaking or deforming under pressure.

Cycle Testing:


  1. Perform repeated cycles of opening and closing to assess the handle's durability.
  2. This is crucial for evaluating the longevity of the door handle under normal usage conditions.

Security and Locking Mechanism:

  1. Verify the security features of the locking mechanism, if applicable.
  2. Assess the effectiveness of the locking system under various conditions.

Corrosion Resistance:

  1. Evaluate the door handle's resistance to corrosion, especially if it is intended for outdoor use or in areas with high humidity.

Step 7: Certification Granting: If the samples pass the testing phase, and the manufacturing facility is found to be in compliance with BIS standards, the BIS certification for door handles is granted. The certification is typically valid for a specific period, and manufacturers must ensure ongoing adherence to the standards to maintain certification.

Step 8: Issuance of BIS Mark: Once the certification is granted, the certified door handles are authorized to carry the BIS mark. The BIS mark serves as a visual indicator to consumers that the product has met the stringent quality and safety standards set by BIS.

Step 9: Surveillance Audits: After certification, BIS may conduct periodic surveillance audits to ensure that the manufacturer continues to adhere to the prescribed standards.

Benefits of BIS ISI Mark Certification for Door Handles

Quality Assurance: The certification assures consumers that the door handles meet the highest quality standards, providing peace of mind regarding their performance and durability.

Compliance with Regulations: BIS ISI Mark Certification ensures that manufacturers comply with the regulatory standards set by the national standards body, promoting a safer marketplace.

Consumer Trust: The ISI Mark is a recognized symbol of trust, and consumers are more likely to choose products that carry this mark, enhancing the reputation of the manufacturer.

Market Access: Having BIS ISI Mark Certification opens doors to wider market acceptance, both domestically and internationally, as it signifies adherence to quality benchmarks.


In the realm of door handles in India, BIS ISI Mark Certification is a crucial factor for manufacturers and consumers alike. It ensures that the products meet stringent quality and safety standards, fostering consumer confidence and promoting a culture of excellence in manufacturing. As consumers become increasingly discerning about the products they choose, the ISI Mark stands as a testament to the commitment of manufacturers to deliver high-quality and safe door handles for homes and businesses across the country.


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