BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater(Instantaneous)for Use With LPG IS 15558:2005

BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater(Instantaneous)for Use With LPG IS 15558:2005

BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG IS 15558:2005


Introduction of BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

In winter seasons, Hot water is an essential part of our daily lives for a soothing morning shower. To ensure a constant supply of hot water, people use to opt for water heaters. The Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for Use with Liquified Petroleum Gas (IS 15558:2005) is a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a continuous and on-demand hot water supply. In this blog, we'll explore the features and benefits, registration process, and document of IS 15558 and how a manufacturer or importer can enhance their brand value by applying BIS Certification.

Understanding IS 15558: Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

IS 15558;2005: Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG is a quality standard developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for instantaneous domestic water heaters for use with Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG). Such water heaters are known for their ability to heat water as per the requirement, rather than storing hot water in a tank, making it more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Benefits of Obtaining a BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

Obtaining a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Certification for Instantaneous Domestic Water Heaters for Use with Liquified Petroleum Gas (IS 15558) offers several significant benefits to the license holder, which can enhance their business and products in various ways:

Legal Compliance with BIS: One of the primary benefits is ensuring legal compliance. It is mandatory for manufacturers to obtain BIS certification for IS 15558 water heaters before selling them in the Indian market. Compliance with this requirement helps manufacturers avoid legal issues, penalties, and product recalls.

Consumer Trust: The BIS mark is synonymous with quality and safety in the eyes of consumers. Holding a BIS certification demonstrates a commitment to providing products that meet high-quality standards, instilling confidence in consumers. It can lead to increased sales and improved brand reputation.

Access to Indian Market Access: BIS certification is a well-recognized body in India as well as internationally. This certification opens doors to international markets and facilitates easier exports of IS 15558 water heaters, expanding the reach of the manufacturer's products.

Safety Assurance: BIS standards are designed to ensure the safety of products. Obtaining BIS certification ensures that IS 15558 water heaters meet stringent safety requirements, reducing the risk of product-related accidents or hazards. This, in turn, protects the manufacturer's reputation and minimizes liability issues.

Quality Control: The certification process involves comprehensive product testing and factory inspections, which can help manufacturers identify and rectify any quality control issues. This, in turn, leads to improved product quality and production processes.

Competitive Advantage: Holding a BIS certification sets a manufacturer apart from competitors who may not have obtained this certification. It can be a unique selling point and a competitive advantage in the market.

Consumer Preference: In a market where consumers prioritize safety and quality, products with BIS certification often become the preferred choice. Manufacturers benefit from increased demand and loyalty among consumers who prioritize certification when making purchasing decisions.

Government Contracts: Many government departments and agencies require BIS-certified products. Having the certification opens doors to government contracts and procurement opportunities, expanding the manufacturer's market reach and revenue potential.

Reduced Liability: BIS certification helps minimize liability concerns for manufacturers. In the event of product-related issues or accidents, having the certification demonstrates that the product was produced in accordance with established standards, reducing the manufacturer's liability.

Efficient Exporting: For manufacturers looking to export IS 15558 water heaters, BIS certification simplifies the export process by ensuring compliance with international quality and safety standards.

BIS certification for Instantaneous Domestic Water Heaters for Use with Liquified Petroleum Gas (IS 15558) is a valuable asset for manufacturers. It not only demonstrates a commitment to quality and safety but also provides a range of practical benefits that contribute to the success and reputation of the manufacturer and its products.

Documents Required for BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

  • Test reports from the BIS-recognized laboratory
  •  Details of your manufacturing facility
  •  Details of your quality control process
  •  An affidavit stating that you will comply with the BIS rules and regulations
  •  A request letter for BIS certification
  •  A copy of the trademark registration certificate (if applicable)
  •  ID Proof and Address Proof of the Applicant
  •  PAN Card of the Company
  •  Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed
  •  GST Certificate/MSME Certificate
  •  Electricity/Landline/Water Bill
  •  Layout Plan of the Manufacturing Site
  •  Proof of Ownership/Property
  •  List of Raw materials
  •  List of machineries/test equipment
  •  Any other documents required by the BIS

Registration Process Steps for Getting a BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

Step 1: Select the Applicable Indian Standard

Step 2: Registration with BIS Online Portal 

Step 3: Apply for the Testing of the Product from a BIS-Approved Lab

Step 4: Submit the Application to BIS Online Portal

Step 5: Onsite Audit/Inspection by BIS Officer

Step 6: Security of the Application

Step 7: Grant of a BIS Certification


The Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for Use with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (IS 15558) offers a multitude of benefits for households seeking a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide hot water. Its energy-efficient design, space-saving form, quick heating, cost-effectiveness, continuous supply, and longevity make it an excellent choice for modern homes.

When choosing a BIS IS 15558-certified water heater, be sure to consider your household's hot water needs, available space, and safety features. With the right model and proper installation, an IS 15558 water heater can significantly enhance your daily life, providing the luxury of continuous hot water while saving on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Role of Agile Regulatory in Gettings a BIS ISI for Domestic Water Heater for Use With LPG 

Agile Regulatory offers end-to-end support in obtaining BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification for an Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater for Use with liquid petroleum Gas IS 15558. Our expertise and guidance are invaluable in helping manufacturers navigate the complex certification process by ensuring that the water heater complies with all of the necessary standards and regulations. Agile Regulatory assist with document preparation, product testing, compliance checks, and liaising with BIS authorities to streamline the certification process and improve the chances of approval. Our role is to expedite and simplify the certification process by enabling manufacturers to bring their products to market while complying with the required quality and safety standards. 

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