BIS for Domestic Pressure Cooker IS 2347:2017

BIS for Domestic Pressure Cooker IS 2347:2017

BIS for Pressure Cooker IS 2347:2017


Introduction of BIS Certification for Domestic Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers, which are frequently found in Indian kitchens, are well renowned for their ability to save energy and expedite cooking periods. One of the main duties of the BIS is to ensure consumers the quality and safety of items sold in India. Among the various standards, IS 2347:2017 pertains to domestic pressure cookers. We will explore the significance of BIS ISI mark certification for IS 2347:2017 domestic pressure cookers in India.

Significance of BIS for Domestic Pressure Cookers

Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS, has been improving product quality and protecting consumer rights for many years. Manufacturers are free to choose to undergo BIS certification, but it is frequently required to win over customers and guarantee that goods fulfil safety and quality requirements. Because of the possible hazards involved in using residential pressure cookers, BIS certification is necessary.

Understanding IS 2347:2017: BIS Standard for Pressure Cooker

IS 2347:2017 is a standard set by the Bureau of Indian Standards specifically for domestic pressure cookers. The fundamental specifications listed in this standard must be fulfilled by a pressure cooker in order to guarantee both product quality and safety.

What is the BIS ISI Mark?

The Bureau of Indian Standards offers a certification mark known as the BIS ISI mark. The BIS ISI Mark certifies a product's safety for use and compliance with applicable Indian requirements. When it comes to domestic pressure cookers, the ISI mark on the product is a clear indication that it meets the quality and safety requirements as per IS 2347:2017.

Why BIS ISI Mark Certification is Mandatory for Pressure Cookers?

Safety Assurance:  The primary purpose of BIS ISI mark certification is to ensure the safety of consumers.  When pressure cookers are not made according to safety regulations as per BIS, there is a major possibility of burns and explosions. The product is guaranteed to be made with these hazards as little as possible thanks to the ISI mark.

Quality Assurance: BIS ISI mark certification also implies that the pressure cooker meets certain quality standards.

Legal Requirement: In India, it is mandatory for manufacturers to obtain BIS ISI mark certification for products falling under the purview of relevant Indian standards. This ensures that only certified products can be sold in the market.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers tend to trust products with the ISI mark more because it signifies conformity to safety and quality standards.

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Registration Process of BIS Certificate for Domestic Pressure Cooker

Step 1: Identify the Applicable Standard: The first step is to determine the specific Indian Standard (IS) that applies to your product. For domestic pressure cookers you will refer to the standards like IS 2347 (Part 1): 2011, IS 2347 (Part 2): 2005 and IS 4159: 1983.

Step 2: Pre-application: It is important to perform a pre-application evaluation of your product to make sure it conforms with the applicable BIS requirements before you begin the official application procedure. This frequently entails having internal BIS compliance knowledge or employing a consultant.

Step 3: Complete Application Form: If you are confident your product meets the standards, you need to fill out an application form provided by BIS. ​

Step 4: Submit Application: After completing the application form, you need to submit it to BIS along with the documents, including a test report from a BIS laboratory.

Step 5: Factory Inspection: BIS may conduct a factory inspection to ensure your manufacturing product meets the required standards.

Step 6: Sample Testing: BIS may request samples of your product for testing.​ It is important to ensure that your samples meet the specifications according to standard.

Step 7: Document Verification: BIS will verify all the documents submitted with the application, including test reports, QC measures and technical specifications.

Step 8: Grant of License: Once BIS is satisfied that your product complies with the standards they will grant you a license to use the ISI mark on your products.

Mandatory Post Licensing Compliance

1. Regular Surveillance and Compliance: BIS conducts regular surveillance and market sampling to ensure that products with ISI marks continue to meet the standards. Compliance with the standards must be maintained to retain the license.

2. Renewal: BIS certification is not a one-time process. Renewal typically occurs every one or two years.

3. Displaying ISI Mark: Once you receive the BIS license, you must prominently display the ISI mark on your product and packaging.

4. Market Your Certified Product: Highlight the BIS certification and ISI mark in your marketing and promotional materials.

Key Standards for BIS Registration for Domestic Pressure Cookers:

To obtain BIS certification for domestic pressure cookers in India, manufacturers must adhere to the relevant Indian Standard (IS) specifications, which are constantly updated to ensure safety and performance. The primary standards for pressure cookers include IS 2347 (Part 1): 2011, IS 2347 (Part 2): 2005, and IS 4159: 1983:

IS 2347 (Part 1): 2011:  Safety Requirements This standard sets out the safety requirements for domestic pressure cookers, covering aspects like design, materials, construction, safety valves, and pressure settings.

IS 2347 (Part 2): 2005:  Methods of Test Part 2 of IS 2347 outlines the methods for testing various aspects of domestic pressure cookers, including thermal and mechanical testing.

IS 4159: 1983:  Glossary of Terms This standard provides a glossary of terms used in the context of domestic pressure cookers.


BIS ISI Mark Certification for IS 2347:2017 domestic pressure cookers is crucial for both manufacturers and consumers. A BIS Certified pressure cooker guarantees quality and safety which boosts the confidence of consumers. For this reason, consumers always search for the BIS ISI logo when buying a household pressure cooker in India to be sure they are obtaining a high-quality, safe appliance that conforms to the set criteria.

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