BIS ISI Certification for Mild Steel Wire IS 280:2006

BIS ISI Certification for Mild Steel Wire IS 280:2006

BIS ISI Certification for Mild Steel Wire IS 2802006


Overview of BIS ISI Certification for Mild Steel Wire

Mild steel wire for general engineering purposes is a versatile and widely used material in various engineering applications. The use of mild steel wire in several sectors including industrial, automotive, and construction. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has devised a certification procedure that regulates the manufacturing and sale of mild steel wire in India in order to guarantee the goods' quality and safety. We'll look at how crucial BIS certification is for mild steel wire used in India's general engineering sector.

Understanding BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 was created by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a federal agency. To protect consumer safety and advance quality assurance, BIS is in charge of creating or maintaining quality standards for a variety of goods and services. BIS certification is a mark of quality, surety, and conformity to standards that are widely recognized and accepted in India.

How to get BIS standard for Mild Steel Wire in India?

The process of getting a BIS certification for mild steel wires for general engineering purposes IS 280:2006 products from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to ensure their quality, safety, and maintenance to certain Indian Standards (IS). In order to safety the interests of customers and promote public healthcare, BIS is a national standards authority in India and sets standards and quality for a range of goods and services.

BIS Certification for Mild Steel Wire

Mild steel wire used for general engineering purposes falls under the purview of various BIS standards, the most important being IS 280:2006. This standard specifies the requirements for mild steel wire for general engineering purposes, including its chemical composition, mechanical properties, and dimensions. Manufacturers and suppliers of mild steel wire must adhere to these specifications to obtain BIS certification.

Registration Process of BIS certification for mild steel wire

Step 1: Determine Applicable Standard: Identify the relevant Indian Standard (IS) code for the type of mild sheet wire you want to certify. BIS has set standards IS 280:2006 for mild sheet wire. The specific IS code will determine the quality parameters the mild sheet wire needs to meet.

Step 2: Preparation and Testing: Collect samples of the mild sheet wire you want to certify according to the sampling and testing procedures outlined in the chosen IS code. The sample should represent the product you intend to certify.

Step 3: Select BIS Recognized Laboratory: The testing of mild sheet wire samples should be conducted by a BIS-recognized laboratory. Ensure that the laboratory is authorized to conduct the required testing as per the BIS guidelines.

  • Step 4: Documentation: An Applicant needs to prepare the necessary documentation, including the application form for BIS certification. This form can be generated from the BIS website or their regional offices. The application shall be submitted along with the test report.
  • Documents Required for BIS Certification for Mild Steel Wire

  •  Copy of PAN Card & Aadhar Card of the authorized person
  •  Electricity Bill of the firm
  •  Copy of GST certificate
  •  Certificate of incorporation
  •  Proof of property of premises
  •  Layout plan of the factory
  •  Detailed list of machinery involved
  •  Product specification
  •  Manufacturing flow process
  •  Location of the factory
  •  List of testing equipment and facilities


Step 5: Submission: Submit the completed application form along with the test reports and the required government fees to the nearest BIS regional office or BIS portal.

Step 6: Factory Inspection: BIS may conduct an inspection of your manufacturing facility to ensure that the production processes of the product align with the prescribed standards.

Step 7: Application Evaluation: A BIS reviewing officer will evaluate the BIS-approved lab-generated test reports and other documentation submitted via the portal. If the mild sheet wire meets the required standards, BIS will grant the ISI Mark Certification.

Step 8: Issuance of ISI Mark Certificate: Once the evaluation is successfully performed by the BIS officer, BIS will issue the certification for your product called ISI Mark Certificate. Having an ISI Mark Certificate is an indication to the consumer that your product conforms to and qualifies for the requisite BIS standard.

Step 9: Marking: The manufacturer is responsible for using the BIS Standard Mark on the product or product’s package as per the guidelines issued by BIS. This mark indicates that the product has been certified by BIS.

Benefits of having a BIS Certification Mild Steel Wire

BIS certification for mild steel wire offers several advantages to both manufacturers and consumers:

Quality Assurance: BIS certification guarantees that the mild steel wire meets the specified quality and safety standards, ensuring reliable and safe usage in engineering applications.

Legal Requirement: BIS certification is often mandatory for certain products in India. Non-compliance can result in legal penalties and product recalls.

Market Access: The ISI mark associated with BIS certification is widely recognized and trusted by consumers, making it easier for manufacturers to penetrate the market.

Competitive Edge: Certified products have a competitive advantage in the marketplace as they are perceived as superior in terms of quality and safety.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers have confidence in products with the ISI mark, knowing that they meet stringent quality standards.


BIS certification for mild steel wire used for general engineering purposes is crucial for ensuring quality, safety, and compliance with established standards in India. Manufacturers and suppliers should prioritize obtaining BIS certification to gain a competitive edge, build trust with consumers, and meet legal requirements. For consumers, the ISI mark on mild steel wire is a symbol of reliability and quality assurance, making it an essential factor to consider when purchasing these products.

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