BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets IS 277:2003

BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets IS 277:2003

BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets IS 2772003

Introduction of BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) plays a major role in ensuring the quality and safety of various products. When it comes to construction materials like galvanized steel sheets, BIS ISI Mark Certification is a significant factor that both manufacturers and consumers should be aware of. In this blog post, we will explore what BIS ISI Mark Certification entails for galvanized steel sheets IS 277:2003, both plain and corrugated, and why it is essential for the construction industry in India.

What is a Galvanized Steel Sheet?

Before delving into the certification process, let's briefly understand what galvanized steel sheets are. Steel sheets have been zinc-coated to prevent rust and corrosion known as galvanised steel sheets. Steel sheets can now withstand more abuse and abrasion thanks to a process called galvanization, which makes them appropriate for a variety of building applications.

How to get the BIS for Galvanized Steel Sheets in India?

The process of getting a BIS certification for galvanized steel sheets IS 277:2003 products from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ensures their quality, safety, and maintenance to certain Indian Standards (IS). In order to safety the interests of customers and promote public healthcare, BIS is a national standards authority in India and sets standards and quality for a range of goods and services.

Registration Process of BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

Step 1: Determine Applicable Standard: Identify the relevant Indian Standard (IS) code for the type of steel sheet you want to certify. BIS has been established IS 277:2003 for galvanized steel sheets.

Step 2: Preparation and Testing: An Applicant needs to collect the samples of the Galvanized steel sheet and send it to the BIS-approved lab for testing procedures as per the applicable IS code. A BIS-approved lab will conduct the testing for various parameters such as chemical, physical characteristics etc.

Step 3: Select BIS Recognized Laboratory: The testing of steel sheet samples should be conducted by a BIS-recognized laboratory. Ensure that the laboratory is authorized to conduct the required testing as per the BIS guidelines.

Step 4: Documentation: The manufacturer needs to prepare the compulsory documents, including the application form for BIS Certification. Such forms can be generated from the BIS online portal. The application should be furnished by the test reports from the BIS laboratory.

Documents Required for BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

Copy of PAN Card & Aadhar Card of an authorized person.

Electricity Bill of the firm.

Copy of GST certificate.

Certificate of incorporation.

Proof of property of premises.

Layout plan of the factory.

Detailed list of machinery involved.

Product specification.

Manufacturing flow process.

Location of the factory.

List of testing equipment and facilities.

Step 5: Application Submission: Submit the completed application form along with the test reports and the required government fees to the nearest BIS regional office or BIS portal.

Step 6: Factory Inspection: BIS may conduct an inspection of your manufacturing facility to ensure that the production processes of the product align with the prescribed standards.

Step 7: Review of the Application: A Reviewing officer from the BIS department will evaluate the test reports and other documentation submitted through an online portal. If the galvanized steel sheet meets the required standards, BIS will grant the ISI Mark Certification.

Step 8: Grant of Certificate: After the successful completion of the application review, BIS will issue the BIS ISI Mark Certification for your product. This Certificate indicates that the product conforms to the quality parameters of the applicable BIS standard.

Step 9: Marking: After the successful approval of the license, a manufacturer will be liable to use the BIS Standard Mark on the product or packaging as per the guidelines provided by BIS. BIS ISI mark indicates that your product has been certified and qualified by BIS Body.

Importance of BIS ISI Certification for Galvanized Steel Sheets

The BIS ISI Mark Certification is a mark of quality, safety, and reliability for products in India. It signifies that the product complies with the specific standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. For galvanized steel sheets, this certification is crucial for the following reasons:

Quality Assurance: BIS ISI Mark ensures that the galvanized steel sheets meet the prescribed quality standards, including thickness, zinc coating, and overall structural integrity. This quality assurance is vital to maintain the integrity of construction projects.

Safety: Galvanized steel sheets are commonly used in construction, and their quality directly impacts the safety of structures. BIS ISI Mark certification ensures that the sheets are free from defects that could compromise structural safety.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers, including builders and contractors, rely on the BIS ISI Mark as a symbol of trust. It assures them that the product they are using conforms to national quality standards.

Legal Compliance: In many cases, government regulations and contracts require the use of BIS ISI Mark-certified products.


BIS ISI Mark Certification for galvanized steel sheets, whether plain or corrugated, is a critical aspect of ensuring the quality, safety, and reliability of construction materials in India. Builders, contractors, and consumers should always look for this certification when purchasing these sheets for their construction projects. By adhering to these standards, India can continue to construct safe and durable structures that withstand the test of time.

Role of Agile Regulatory

Agile Regulatory is helping businesses obtain a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) ISI (Indian Standards Institution) Mark Certification. We offer expert guidance and assistance throughout the certification process, starting with an initial assessment of the product to ensure it complies with the relevant Indian standards. Agile Regulatory helps clients prepare and submit the necessary documentation, conduct required product testing in accredited laboratories, and facilitate communication with BIS authorities. We also assist in addressing any non-compliance issues, making necessary adjustments, and ensuring that the product meets the stringent quality and safety standards set by BIS. Additionally, we help to streamline the application process, saving clients time and resources while increasing their chances of obtaining the ISI Mark Certification, which signifies product quality and safety to Indian standards.

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