BIS for Room Heater IS 302 PART 2/SEC 30

BIS for Room Heater IS 302 PART 2/SEC 30

BIS for Room Heater IS 302 PART 2/SEC 30

Introduction of BIS for Room Heater

In many households, room heaters are necessary during the cold winter months. Despite being designed to make us warm and pleasant, these gadgets can be harmful if they are not made in compliance with stringent safety and quality standards. This is where the BIS ISI Mark Certification plays a crucial role in ensuring that room heaters meet the necessary safety and performance criteria as per Indian Standard IS 302 PART 2/SEC 30.

What is BIS ISI Mark Certification?

A quality certification scheme in India called BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) ISI Mark Certification assures the quality, safety, and dependability of a variety of goods, including space heaters. It is a symbol of trust that lets customers know the item they're buying complies with the rules.

The Importance of BIS ISI Mark Certification for Room Heaters

Safety Assurance: In terms of room heaters, safety comes first. This equipment consumes electricity, which if not used properly might be dangerous. BIS ISI Mark Certification ensures that the room heater has undergone rigorous testing for safety aspects, including protection against electric shocks, overheating, and fire hazards.

Quality Control: BIS ISI Mark Certification also signifies that the room heater has been manufactured to meet stringent quality standards. This indicates that the production procedures, design, and materials have all undergone scrutiny to assure dependability and longevity.

Energy Efficiency: BIS ISI Mark Certification often includes criteria related to energy efficiency, helping consumers choose room heaters that not only keep them warm but also consume less electricity, reducing their carbon footprint.

Reliability: Room heaters should be dependable appliances during the winter months. With BIS ISI Mark Certification, consumers can trust that the product will work efficiently and reliably for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Fulfillment of Legal Compliance: In India, many states have made BIS ISI Mark Certification mandatory for various electrical appliances, including room heaters. Purchasing a certified room heater ensures compliance with local regulations.

Consumer Confidence: The ISI Mark is widely recognized and respected in India. When consumers see this mark on a room heater, it instills confidence in the product's safety and quality, leading to informed purchasing decisions.

Registration Process of BIS for Room Heater

To obtain BIS ISI Mark Certification, manufacturers must adhere to a series of stringent testing and compliance processes. These processes typically include:

Step 1: Sample Testing: Manufacturers are required to submit samples of their room heaters to accredited testing laboratories for evaluation.

Various quality tests are performed in BIS approved Laboratories:

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Protection against access to live parts

Checkbo - Agile Regulatory Input/output of power at operating temperature

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Heating

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Temperature rise

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Leakage current and electric strength

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Transient overvoltage

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Moisture resistance

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Overload protection

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Stability and mechanical hazards

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Mechanical strength

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Provision for earthing

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Insulation resistance

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Creepage and air clearance

Step 2: Document Preparation Review & Submission: Detailed documentation, including design specifications, manufacturing processes, and quality control measures, is reviewed to ensure compliance with BIS standards.

Document Required for BIS for Room Heater

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Copy of PAN & Aadhar Card of an authorized person.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Electricity Bill of the firm.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Copy of GST certificate.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Certificate of incorporation.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Proof of property of premises.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Layout plan of the factory.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Detailed list of machinery involved.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Product specification.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Manufacturing flow process.

Checkbox- Agile Regulatory Location of the factory.

Step 3: Application Review: A Reviewing officer from BIS will verify the test reports and other submitted documents in order to confirm the product quality standard as per IS norms.

Step 4: Factory Inspection: BIS officials may visit the manufacturing facility to inspect the production processes and verify that they align with the prescribed standards.

Step 5: Grant of BIS ISI Mark Certification: After the Complete verification of documents test report and factory audit BIS will issue the ISI Mark Certification, Which allows the manufacturer to use the BIS ISI Standard mark on the products.

Points to Keep in Mind for a BIS License Holder of Room Heater

Marking and Labeling: Once a room heater passes all the necessary tests and inspections, it is authorized to carry the ISI Mark, which is prominently displayed on the product.

Surveillance: BIS may conduct a periodic inspection of surprise visits to the factory in order to ensure that the manufacturer is maintaining the product quality as per BIS quality standards.

Benefits of Getting BIS for Room Heater 

Domestic Market Access: Because many government and commercial sector initiatives demand ISI Mark-certified products, BIS certification opens the door to a larger market.

Consumer Trust and Brand Reputation: Manufacturers of BIS ISI Mark certified Room Heater establish a Brand reputation for producing high-quality products over the market, which improves their brand value and increases market share.

Legal Compliance: Getting a BIS certification helps to avoid legal conflicts that may occur as a result of noncompliance with statutory certification criteria.

Consumer Confidence: Due to the assurance of quality and safety, consumers are more likely to buy products with the BIS ISI Mark.


BIS ISI Mark Certification for room heaters is not just a mark; it's a commitment to safety, quality, and consumer satisfaction. When you spend money on a room heater that has this accreditation, you're not only keeping your family safe and toasty during the winter. It serves as evidence of how crucial standards and laws are to raising the caliber of the goods we consume on a daily basis. So, the next time you're shopping for a room heater, seek the ISI Mark to ensure that your decision prioritizes performance, quality, and safety. Stay warm and worry-free this winter!

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