BIS CRS Certificate for Microwave Oven IS 302 Part 2 25: 2014

BIS CRS Certificate for Microwave Oven IS 302 Part 2 25: 2014

BIS for Microwave Oven IS 302 (part 2): section 25:2014


Overview of BIS CRS Certificate for Microwave Oven

In India, BIS CRS Certification is like a seal of quality for microwave ovens. It's a state­ment that says these ove­ns are up to par with the Bureau of Indian Crite­ria's (BIS) safety and performance rule­s. For manufacturers to receive this certification, they need to ensure their microwave­s align with strict guidelines. Things considered are safety ele­ments, energy-saving abilitie­s, and overall trustworthiness. In esse­nce, this certifies that the microwave is user-friendly and passe­s all Indian regulatory checks.

Introduction of Microwave Oven

Percy Spencer discovered the microwave in 1946, and domestic microwaves were commercialized in 1955. In present days, every home has a microwave oven, which is suitable for quick  cooking and easy to use. The best thing about the microwave oven is that it saves time and is quite efficient at reheating food. You can cook any type of dish perfectly, whether you want spicy or sweet food. A microwave oven is a multipurpose appliance with a multiple f functions.

Emergence of Microwave Oven into BIS Compulsury Registration Scheme

On July 3, 2013, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mandated MICROWAVE OVENS to be registered under IS 302 (part 2): section 25:2014 of the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme.The Government of India and the BIS have made registration mandatory for both domestic and foreign firms in order to protect public health.


What is BIS CRS Certification?

BIS CRS Certificate is a quality certification in India. If a product passes these criteria, it is certified by BIS, certifying its conformity with legislation and safety standards. Because it assures customers that the product is trustworthy and satisfies India's government-established standards, manufacturers must have this certification.

Why is BIS Certification Mandatory?

A BIS Certificate is required for a number of reasons:

1. It ensures that products and services sold in India are safe and of good quality, keeping people from harm or getting cheated.

2. Some laws in India require products to meet specific standards, and having a BIS certificate shows that the rules are being followed.

3. If a company wants to work on government projects, they often need BIS certification.

4. Everyone manufactuer has to meet the same standards, so no one can sell low-quality stuff to get an unfair advantage.

5. A BIS certification makes it easy for consumers to select dependable products as they know that everything with the certification satisfies specified quality standards.

Who can apply for BIS Certification for microwave ovens?

Manufacturer: The product's original manufacturer may submit an application for BIS certification. 

Importer: A product importer may apply for BIS certification if the product is being imported into India. 

Documents Required for Applying s BIS Registration for Microwave Oven

 Application Form

 Product Information

 Manufacturer's Information

 Test Reports

 Quality Management System

 Trademark/Brand Authorization

 Authorization Letter

 Undertaking of Correctness

 Fees Payment Proof

 Company Incorporation Documents

 Authorized Person’s KYC

 GST/MSME Certificate

BIS Registration Procedure for Microwave Ovens

Step 1: Check the Applicable Standard: Identify the applicable standard issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards for microwave ovens.

Step 2: Application Submission: Prepare and Submit an application to the BIS Online portal.

Step 3: Product Testing: Send samples to a BIS-recognized laboratory for testing against the relevant IS 302 Part 2 Section 25: 2014

Step 4: Application Verification: BIS will review the documents and test reports submitted by the manufacturer or importer to ensure that they definitely meet the quality parameters.

Step 5: BIS Certification Grant: BIS will grant a certificate after the verification of the application as well as the test report.

Benefits of BIS Certificate for Microwave Oven

1. It ensures that a product meets the Indian government's quality and safety standards. 

2. The BIS mark indicates that a product is reliable and safe. People feel safe about purchasing items that bears a BIS standard mark.

3. For some products, especially regulated ones, you need a BIS certificate to sell them in India.

4. Cosumers  find it more trustable as it such standard mark shows a dedication to quality.

5. BIS certification is often known and respected globally. Which helps manufacturers to sell the products in other countries.

6. For products that could affect people's safety, like electrical gadgets or food items, BIS certification makes sure they meet safety rules.

7. BIS Certification is also mandatory for other  government projects or tenders.


A BIS Certificate for microwave ovens is mandatory for manufacturers or importers to display the safety, quality, and compliance that is being sold in the Indian market. a manufaturer or importer of microwave oven must have the BIS CRS Certificate prior to launch, sell, import, distrcutbe of their electronincs item into indian market.

Role of Agile Regulatory

Agile Regulatory is like a guide for companies wanting to get a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certificate for their microwave ovens. Agile Regulatory knows all the rules and steps needed for certification. We help businesses prepare the necessary paperwork, ensure that the microwaves satisfy the precise standards established by BIS, and collaborate with the labs that test the devices.It's like having a friend who knows the way around the rules and helps companies get their microwaves certified quickly and correctly.

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