BIS for Electric Toys IS 15644:2006

BIS for Electric Toys IS 15644:2006

BIS for Electric Toys IS 15644:2006


Overview of BIS for Electric Toys

In a world that is increasingly embracing technology electric toys have become a staple in children's playrooms. These toys are not a providing entertainment but also contribute to the development of skills and knowledge. However, ensuring the safety and quality of BIS-certified toys is of paramount importance. In India Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) ISI mark certification plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the safety and quality of electric toys. The IS standard for electric toys is IS 15644:2006.

Understanding the BIS ISI Mark Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards, a statutory entity under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food, and Public Distribution, is responsible for implementing the BIS ISI mark certification program for product certification. To guarantee that items, especially electric toys, satisfy the required safety and quality criteria, this certification was created.

Importance of BIS ISI Mark Certification for Electric Toys

Safety Assurance: The main objectives of the BIS ISI mark certification are to ensure the safety of consumers, especially children. Electric toys must adhere to stringent safety standards to prevent hazards such as electric shocks, overheating, or choking hazards, battery content etc.

Quality Control: The certification process involves rigorous testing and inspection to verify that the electric toys meet quality standards. This helps in preventing the distribution of substandard or counterfeit products in the market.

Legal Requirement: In India, this is mandatory for manufacturers to obtain the BIS ISI mark certification for electric toys before they can be distributed in the market. Non-compliance can lead to illegal work.

Consumer Confidence: When consumers see the BIS ISI mark on an electric toy, it ins confidence in the product's safety and quality. Parents and caregivers are more likely to purchase toys with this certification.

Legal Compliance: Many government projects tenders, and e-commerce portals require the BIS or ISI-marked certified products only. Also, having BIS ISI Mark certification will keep manufacturers compiled as per BIS rules and regulations. 

Registration Process of BIS for Electric Toys

Obtaining the BIS ISI mark certification for electric toys is a meticulous process that involves the following steps:

Step 1: Application: Manufacturers or importers must submit an application to BIS for certification. This application includes details of the product, its specifications, and test requirements.

Step 2: Testing: Electric toys undergo comprehensive testing to ensure they meet safety and quality standards. This includes electrical safety, mechanical testing, and material analysis.

Step 3: Evaluation: BIS will evaluate the test reports and other documentation provided. If the Products meet the required standards, the BIS body will grant the certification.

Step 4: Document Verification: BIS reviews the application and associated documents to ensure they meet the required standards.

Documents Required for BIS for BIS for Electric Toys

Manufacturers need to gather and prepare all necessary documentation, including product specifications, manufacturing process details, and quality control procedures:

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of PAN & Aadhar Card of an authorized person.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Electricity Bill of the firm.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of GST certificate.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Certificate of incorporation.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Proof of property of premises.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Layout plan of the factory.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Detailed list of machinery involved.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Product specification.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Manufacturing flow process.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory Location of the factory.

Checkbox - Agile Regulatory List of testing equipment and facilities.

Step 5: Factory Inspection: BIS conducts the factory onsite inspections to assess the manufacturing process, quality control measures, and adherence to standards.
Quality Management Systems: Manufacturers are often required to implement or maintain quality management systems (QMS) according to BIS standards. This involves documenting processes, conducting internal audits, and continuously improving product quality.


Step 6: Sample Testing: Random samples are taken by the BIS officers from the production line for further testing to confirm compliance.

Step 7: Grant of Certification: Once the product passes all tests and inspections, BIS issues the ISI mark certification, allowing the product to be sold in the Indian market.
Surveillance: Even after certification, BIS conducts periodic checks to ensure that the manufacturer continues to maintain the required quality standards.

Benefits of BIS for Electric Toys

Domestic Market Access: Certification opens the doors to the vast Indian market, as it is a mandatory requirement for selling electric toys in India.

Consumer Trust: The ISI mark enhances consumer trust, leading to increased sales and brand reputation.

Business Compliance: Manufacturers and importers can ensure compliance with Indian regulations, avoiding legal issues and product recalls.

Consumer Safety: Most importantly, it ensures the safety of children who play with electric toys, reducing the risk of accidents.


In the ever-expanding world of electric toys, the BIS ISI mark certification in India stands as a critical safeguard for both consumers and manufacturers. It ensures that electric toys are not only fun but also safe and of high quality. This certification not only boosts consumer confidence but also contributes to the overall well-being and development of children. Manufacturers and importers should prioritize obtaining this certification to not only meet legal requirements but also to provide the best possible toys for children in India. Connect with Agile Regulatory Experts, a unit of Experienced Engineers. We offer a complete package of BIS ISI Mark Certification which includes Application, Testing, Lab Steup, Aduit, Grant of Certificate, and post compliances. 


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BIS ISI Mark Certification 

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