BIS For PVC Pipes (Unplasticized) IS 4985:2000

BIS For PVC Pipes (Unplasticized) IS 4985:2000

BIS For PVC Pipes (Unplasticized) IS 4985:2000


Overview of BIS Certification for PVC Pipes

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS is a leading certification body that ensures the quality and safety of various products, including PVC pipes. BIS certification for PVC pipes is proof of their compliance with national standards IS 4985:2000, assuring consumers of their durability, reliability, and adherence to specifications or the significance and process of obtaining BIS certification for PVC pipes in India.

An unplasticized PVC pipe with a structural wall is the best option for various plumbing and water management needs. Such pipes stand out because of their high durability, strength, and resistance features. Similar to other plumbing pipes and fittings, these goods must be produced in accordance with BIS standards. The testing and quality standards for such items are outlined in an Indian Standard called as IS 4985:2000. Continue reading to learn how to get structural wall plastic pipe BIS Certification.

Understanding BIS Certification

A product's quality and safety are marked by the BIS, which also serves as proof that it complies with all applicable Indian requirements. For PVC pipes, BIS Certification confirms that the pipes are being manufactured using good materials and that the manufacturer has followed quality procedures, and quality control checks to ensure the safety of the product.

Importance of BIS Certification

Quality Assurance: BIS certification ensures that PVC pipes meet the required quality benchmarks, minimizing the risk of structural failures, leaks, and other issues.  

Consumer Confidence: The BIS mark on PVC pipes assures consumers that the product they are purchasing is safe, reliable, and suitable for its intended application.  

Compliance with BIS Rule: In some cases, BIS certification for specific products is mandatory under the BIS rule. Manufacturers and importers of PVC pipes must obtain this certification to legally sell their products in the Indian market.

Documents Required for BIS Certificate for PVC Pipes

check list of agile regulatory Copy of PAN & Aadhar Card of an authorized person

check list of agile regulatory Electricity Bill of the firm

check list of agile regulatory Copy of GST certificate

check list of agile regulatory Certificate of incorporation

check list of agile regulatory Proof of property of premises

check list of agile regulatory Layout plan of the factory

check list of agile regulatory Detailed list of machinery involved

check list of agile regulatory Product specification

check list of agile regulatory Manufacturing flow process

check list of agile regulatory Location of the factory

check list of agile regulatory List of testing equipment and facilities

Registration Process of BIS Certification for PVC Pipes

Obtaining BIS certification involves several stages, including application, testing, factory inspection, and adherence to ongoing surveillance:

Step 1: Selection of Applicable Standards: An applicant needs to select the appropriate applicable standards as per the BIS standards list.

Step 2: Portal Registration: A person who intends to apply for BIS for BIS registration for PVC pipes has to create a login ID & password to the BIS online portal manak online.

Step 3: Documentation: Collect the necessary documents, including the application FORM for BIS certification. This FORM can be obtained from the BIS Portal or their regional offices in India.

Step 4: Application Submission: The manufacturer or importer of PVC pipes initiates the process by submitting an application along with documents to the BIS Portal.

Step 5: Product Testing: Samples of PVC pipes are collected and subjected to various tests to assess their compliance with relevant standards. Such tests examine the parameters like dimensions, pressure resistance, impact strength etc. of PVC Pipe.

Step 6: Application Review: BIS will conduct the test reports and other provided documents. If the Product clears the required standards, BIS will grant the certification.

Step 7: Factory Inspection: BIS conducts an inspection of the manufacturing facility to verify that the pipes are produced using appropriate machinery, processes, and quality control measures.

Step 8: Granting of Certification: If the PVC pipes pass all tests and inspections, BIS grants the certification, allowing the manufacturer to use the BIS mark on their products.

Various quality tests were performed for PVC Pipes

check list of agile regulatory Material test

check list of agile regulatory Melt flow rate

check list of agile regulatory Test of dimension

check list of agile regulatory Test for checking Tensile property

check list of agile regulatory Test of Surface conditions

check list of agile regulatory Thickness test

check list of agile regulatory Thermal stability

Mandatory Post-Approval Compliance

Marking On The Product: You will be liable to use the BIS ISI Standard Mark on your product's packaging as per the guidelines provided by BIS. This ISI Safety mark represents that the product has been qualified & certified by the BIS body.

Surveillance: Even after certification, BIS conducts periodic checks to ensure that the manufacturer continues to maintain the required quality standards.

Benefits of Getting a BIS Certification for PVC Pipes

Market Access: BIS certification opens the doors to a wider market since many government and private sector projects require certified products.

Brand Trust and Reputation: Manufacturers with BIS-certified PVC pipes build a reputation for providing quality products, enhancing their brand image.

Legal Compliance: BIS certification prevents legal complications that may arise due to non-compliance with mandatory certification requirements.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers are more likely to choose products with the BIS mark due to the assurance of quality and safety.


BIS Registration for PVC pipes is important in India to ensure quality, safety, and performance. BIS-certified PVC pipes assure consumers that they are using a high-quality, certified product as per Indian standards. BIS certification not only opens market opportunities for the manufacturers and importers of PVC pipes but also establishes the commitment to delivering reliable and highly durable products. BIS-certified PVC pipes make a clear statement of trustworthiness and excellence in the Indian construction and plumbing industries. Get a BIS ISI Mark Certification with the smooth, transparent, and dedicated support of Agile Regulatory, a unit of experienced engineers


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