BIS for Concrete Paving Blocks IS 15658:2021

BIS for Concrete Paving Blocks IS 15658:2021

BIS for Paver Blocks IS 15658:2021


Overview of BIS Certification for Paver Blocks

Paver blocks have become a major part of Indian society, streets, sidewalks, driveways, and even gardens. To improve the appearance of outdoor areas, these adjustable and attractive paving blocks also offer a budget-friendly price and long durable. Bureau of Indian Standards plays a major role in ensuring that paver blocks fulfil the good quality standards that are necessary for Indian infrastructure projects. At Agile Regulatory, we deal with the significance of BIS ISI Mark certification for paver blocks as per Indian Standard IS 15658:2021.

Understanding BIS & ISI Mark Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

BIS is a body for national standards of India, established under the BIS Act 1986. It prepares and publishes Indian Standards for various products and services to ensure quality, safety and reliability. Having a BIS Certification is a mark of conformity to quality standards, which indicates that the product meets specific quality and performance tests.  

Indian Standards Institute (ISI)

The Indian Standards Institute (ISI) certification, on the other hand, was a precursor to BIS and is now integrated into the BIS certification Registration. ISI-marked products comply with relevant Indian standards and are considered reliable and safe for use.

Significance of BIS ISI Mark Certification for Paver Blocks

Quality Assurance: BIS and ISI certification ensure that paver blocks adhere to strict quality standards. That sure the blocks are manufactured using high-quality materials, which in turn ensure their durability and longevity.  

Safety: Paver blocks are often used in areas with high foot and vehicular traffic. BIS Certification ensures that the paving blocks are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards and quality parameters.

Compatibility: BIS and ISI certification also verify the compatibility of paver blocks with local environmental conditions, including temperature fluctuations, moisture levels, and soil types.

Environmental Impact: In today's eco-conscious world, sustainable construction materials are in high demand. BIS ISI mark certification also includes guidelines for eco-friendly manufacturing processes, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of paver block production.

Product Legal Compliance: Many government projects and tenders require the use of BIS or ISI-certified products. BIS certification has become a major legal requirement for suppliers and manufacturers looking to participate in public infrastructure projects.

Documents Required for BIS ISI Mark Certification for Paver Blocks

  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of PAN & Aadhar Card of the authorized person.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Electricity Bill of the firm.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Copy of GST certificate.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Certificate of incorporation.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Proof of property of premises.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Layout plan of the factory.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Detailed list of machinery involved.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Product specification.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Manufacturing flow process.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory Location of the factory.
  • Chekbox - Agile Regulatory List of testing equipment and facilities.


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Registration Process to Obtain BIS Certification for Paver Blocks

Step 1: Application Preparation: The manufacturer or importer of Paver Block initiates the process by preparing an application along with documents to the BIS Portal.  

Step 2: Documentation: Manufacturers need to gather and prepare all necessary documentation, including product specifications, manufacturing process details, and quality control procedures.  

Step 3: Sample Testing: The paver blocks are subjected to rigorous testing by BIS-approved laboratories to ensure they meet the specified standards.

Step 4: Factory Inspection: BIS representatives may conduct factory inspections to verify that the manufacturing process aligns with the approved standards.  

Step 5: Application Evaluation: BIS will evaluate the test reports and other documentation provided. If the Products meet the required standards, the BIS body will grant the certification.  

Step 6: Certification Grant: Once the product meets all criteria, BIS or ISI certification is granted, and the product can bear the certification mark.

Step 7: Surveillance: Even after certification, BIS conducts periodic checks to ensure that the manufacturer continues to maintain the required quality standards.

Various Tests Performed by BIS Labs for testing of Paving Blocks

Dimensions and Shape: Length, width, and thickness measurements to ensure compliance with dimensional specifications. Check for uniformity of size and shape.

Compressive Strength: Determine the compressive strength of paver blocks using a compression testing machine. ​

Flexural Strength: Measure the flexural strength of paver blocks to assess their ability to resist bending or cracking.

Water Absorption: Determine the water absorption capacity of paver blocks to assess their resistance to water infiltration.

Abrasion Resistance: Assess the resistance of paver blocks to abrasion caused by foot traffic, vehicle tires, and other factors.

Benefits of Getting a BIS Certificate for Paver Blocks

Market Access: BIS certification opens the doors to a wider market since many government and private sector projects require certified products.

Trust and Reputation: Manufacturers with BIS-certified Paver Block build a reputation for providing quality products, enhancing their brand image.

Legal Compliance: BIS certification prevents legal complications that may arise due to non-compliance with mandatory certification requirements.

Consumer Confidence: Consumers are more likely to choose products with the BIS mark due to the assurance of quality and safety.



BIS ISI Mark Certification for paver blocks in India serves as a hallmark of quality, safety, and reliability.  All manufacturers want to know how to register their products for ISI certification as quickly and easily as possible.  The first thing is finishing everything on your own. Another choice is to hire the best consultants like Agile Regulatory and concentrate on your task. We are knowledgeable about quality standards, the paperwork needed to file the form, and a host of other topics you are unaware of. If an agent has any questions, they are aware of how to respond to BIS officials. 

For consumers of Paver Blocks, the BIS ISI Mark Certificate provides trust that the paving blocks they are using are built to last and conform to stringent standards. We at Agile Regulatory offer an easy guide and quick support on how to get a BIS ISI Mark certification for Paver Blocks. Kindly connect to have a detailed discussion. 

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