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Agile Regulatory - India's Top Consultants

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Introduction of Agile Regulatory

Agile Regulatory is a technology-enabled regulatory compliance consulting firm that offers a range of service like BIS Registration, CDSCO Registration, EPR Registration, BEE Star Rating, WPC Certificate, LMPCR, TEC, PESO, AERB, CTE/CTO, E-Waste Recycling License, Plastic Waste Recycling License, Battery Waste Recycling License, Fire NOC, Factory License, FSSAI License, Trademark Registration, MoEF & CC Services, Trade License, Health Trade and many more related to specific industries like Electronics, Electrical, IT, Telecom, Medical Device, Drugs & Cosmetics, Chemical, Textile, Garments, Fertilizers, Footwear, Steel & Iron. Agile Regulatory with a team of Experienced Engineers and Medical professionals offer an End to End support.

At Agile Regulatory, we are not just a consultant; we're your dedicated partners on the journey to success. With our technical skills, experience and dedication we're always ready to offer strategic solutions and direction that you need for your business certifications. We are excited to collaborate with any micro, small, medium, or large scale industries to assist in reaching a full potential whether it is a start-up company that wants to enter into the Indian market or a well-established organization looking to improve your market standard.

Major Services Offered by Agile Regulatory

BIS Certification:

BIS Certification or Certificate, abbreviated for the Bureau of Indian Standards certificate, is a mandatory quality assurance document given by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), an Indian government institution. Main purpose of BIS is that the product lauched or being sold in Indian market must meet performance and quality standards. This certification is required before products like electronics, automotive components, and consumer goods can be marketed in the Indian market.

Different Types of Certification Issued by BIS:

 CRS: Compulsury Registration Scheme

 ISI Mark Certification

 FMCS: Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme

 Hallmark Registration

 Recognition of Assaying & Hallmarking Centre

 Ecomark Certification

EPR Certificate:

EPR Certificate or Registration , which stands for Extended Producer Responsibility, is a document required in several countries to ensure that producers take responsibility for the environmentally sound management of their products and packaging materials throughout their entire lifecycle, from production to disposal.

Different Types of Certification Under EPR:

 EPR Certification for E-Waste/Electronics Waste

 EPR Certification for Plastic Waste

 EPR Certification for Battery Waste

 EPR Certification for Waste Tyres

CDSCO Registration:

CDSCO Registration or Certificate, also known as a Central Drugs Standard Control Organization Certificate, is a document issued by India's regulatory institution in charge of verifying the safety, efficacy, and quality of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. It certifies that a specific product or medical equipment meets the CDSCO's regulatory and quality criteria, demonstrating its eligibility for sale and usage in the Indian market.

Different Types of Licenses/Certification Issued by BIS:

 Medical Device Import Registration

 Medical Device Manufacturer Registration

 Cosmetics import Registration

 Medical Device Wholesale License

 Dual Use NOC


WPC Certification

WPC Certificate, also known as a Wireless Planning and Coordination certificate, is a regulatory document issued by India's Ministry of Communications' Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. It is mostly needed for the import, sale, and use of wireless and radiofrequency equipment, such as mobile phones, WiFi devices, and other wireless technology items.

BEE Star Labelling

Bureau of Energy Efficiency introduced the BEE Star Labeling program.Star ratings are given to products that qualifies specific energy efficiency standards. A higher star ratings means the product is consuming lower electricty.The BEE star label program covers a wide range of products such air conditioners, refrigerators, LED lights, heater, fans, motors, and more.

Legal Metrology

Importers and manufacturers of packed commodities in India require packaged commodity registration to guarantee that pre-packaged items meet defined measuring and labelling criteria. To get a certificate of conformity, manufacturers and marketers of pre-packaged commodities must register their items with the legal metrology department.  Purchasing pre-packaged items or commodities that already have an LMPC Certificate helps to prevent unfair trade practices, and consumer misinformation, and assures that consumers receive the exact quantity and quality of products.

Role of Agile Regulatory

Initial Assessment: Agile Regulatory service begins by conducting an initial assessment of the product or service to determine whether it meets the criteria of specific certification. It involves a complete review of the product and applicable standards and rules.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure that the product or service complies with all the relevant Indian regulations and standards. Which may involve making necessary modifications or improvements to the product to meet the required standards.

Documentation Assistance: Obtaining particular certificates generally involves extensive documentation, including technical specifications, test reports, quality control processes, and more. Agile Regulatory assist in preparing and organizing the required documents.


Testing and Quality Control: In some Certifications, We need to test our product from the approved labs to ensure that it meets the specified standards. Agile Regulatory helps in testing process as well, which includes selectiion of  testing laboratories, managing the process, and verification of test reports.

Application Submission: Agile Regulatory prepares and submits the application on behalf of our clients. Agile Regulatory ensures that all required documents and information are included in the application which reduces the chance of any delays or rejections.

Follow-Up and Communication: we communicate with the concerned authorities and respond to the queries raised or requests for any additional information, facilitating a smoother and more efficient certification process.

Audits and Inspections: Agile Regulatory also assists in audits and inspections held by the concerned authorities to our client’s facility in order to process and verify compliance.

Timely Updates: Agile Regulatory keeps you informed about the progress of your ongoing projects and any changes in regulations or standards that may affect your product or service.

Save Time and Resources: Engaging with Agile Regulatory will save your organization time and resources by streamlining the certification process and avoiding potential delays or errors in the application.

Why Hire Agile Regulatory as Your Compliance Partner?

Expertise and Specialization: Agile Regulatory has a team of experts with specialized knowledge in specific areas, such as management, strategy, finance, technology, marketing, medical, environmental, and more.

Problem Solving: Our Clients are used to hiring us to solve specific problems or challenges related to business compliance. We use our experience to offer a complete solutions for our clients.

Efficiency and Time Savings: We help our clients to save time and resources thorugh our manpower. Which allows your internal teams to focus on their core responsibilities.

Cost Savings: While consulting services come at a cost, the expertise and efficiency of consultants can lead to cost savings in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and optimizing processes.

Customization: Our services can be tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives. Whether you need a one-time assessment or ongoing support, we will adapt to your needs.

Rapid Results: Agile Regulatory is able to deliver a quick result, which can be especially valuable in situations where you need to address urgent issues or need to capture emerging opportunities.

Quality Assurance: We used to follow quality control measures in place to ensure the services we are offering definitely meet quality standards and deliver on time to our clients.

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